Subject Area: Romania

Cinematic Translation of Ionel Teodoreanu's Lorelei
Plantus-Runey, Doris
2007 0-7734-5608-2 296 pages
Ionel Teodoreanu published Lorelei in 1935 after having earned his place in Romanian literary history with his consummate trilogy, La Medeleni. His critics challenged the dense figurative style of Lorelei, and, as a result, Lorelei would not enjoy wide disseminations into other translations. This study of the translation and adaptation of Lorelei argues that the creative processes, both separately and collectively, earn value as primary and generative productions of literary and cinematic text.

Personal Narratives of Romanian Women During the Cold War (1945-1989) Varieties of the Autobiographical Genre
Fatu-Tutoveanu, Andrada
2015 1-4955-0373-9 160 pages
The volume focuses on a series of case studies which cover a wide range of experiences and ages. Thus, it aims to provide the reader with a relevant image of the writing of these female intellectuals and the paradox Romanian women occupied during the Cold War period. The cases discussed are relevant both for their diverse narrative formulas and for their content, including their historical meanings as well as their multidisciplinary appeal.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Romania, 1778-2008: A Study in Translation, Performance, and Cultural Adaptation
Cinpoe?, Nicoleta
2010 0-7734-3671-5 352 pages
This book traces and examines Hamlet in translation, performance and cultural adaptation in Romania. The book transcends national boundaries – linguistic and theatrical – and completes the understanding of Shakespeare and Hamlet in a global context at a time when the page and the stage life of this play has entered a new Renaissance.