Michalski, Melvin

Relationship Between the Universal Priesthood of the Baptized and the Ministerial Priesthood of the Ordained in Vatican II and in Subsequent Theology Understanding Essentia Et Non Gradu Tantum, Lumen Gentium No. 10
1996 0-7734-2264-1
This study summarizes the main theological reflections on the interrelationship of the "two priesthoods" by European theologians, focusing on the writings of E. Schillebeeckx and G. Greshake. In the final chapter, the author presents the thought of non-European scholars: B. Cooke, D. Power, E. Kilmartin, T. F. O'Meara, P. Fink, G. Tavard and F. J. van Beeck. The author recommends that the "two priesthoods" both be viewed as "priesthood" in an analogical sense insofar as both participate in the one unique priesthood of Christ. Michalski further suggests that the Council's views must be completed by viewing the priesthood of the faithful against the notion of the Church as communio. The author thus sees ordained priesthood as a sacerdotium externum (in the Church viewed as a visible society) and the priesthood of the faithful as a sacerdotium interius (in the Church viewed as communio). Michalski concludes that, in a relational ontology, the "two priesthoods" are complementary, mutually inclusive and interdependent.

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