New Titles

The Limits of Democracy and the Postcolonial Nation State: Mali’s Democratic Experiment Falters, while Jihad and Terrorism Grow in the Sahara Drs. Robin Edward Poulton and Raffaella Greco Tonegutti, Virginia Commonwealth University and EPES Mandala Consulting   ISBN 978-1-4955-0475-4


An African American Pastor Before and During the American Civil War Volume 5: The Literary Archive of Henry McNeal Turner: American Reconstruction, 1880-1892  

Dr. Andre E. Johnson, Memphis Theological Seminary, TN      ISBN 978-1-4955-0483-9


White Calvinists Fighting Against Black Slavery Before the Ratification of the American Constitution: A Collection of Eighteenth-Century Documents Dr. Richard A. Hall, Fayetteville State University                ISBN 978-1-4955-0499-0


Trauma Theory as a Method for Understanding Literary Texts: The Psychological Basis of Postmodern Hermeneutics      Dr. Ted Morrissey, University of Illinois ISBN 978-1-4955-0485-3

The Development of the American Surveillance State, 1900-1960   Dr. John J Carter,
Central Methodist University                ISBN 978-1-4955-0501-0

Jonathan Edwards’ Precocious Childhood, Oedipal Conflict, Mid-Life Identity Crisis, and Old Age Radicalization: Psychological Factors Shaping the Development of His Theology Dr. Herbert Richardson, Harvard University Ph.D.        

ISBN 978-1-4955-0437-2


Jonathan Edwards’ on the Environment: The Relevance of the Thought of Jonathan Edwards to Our Current Environmental and Ecological Concerns Dr. Richard A. Hall,  Fayetteville State University ISBN 978-1-4955-0500-3


The Wesley’s in North America: This Mission That Failed (February 1736-December 1737)  

Dr. Samuel J. Rogal, Illinois Valley Community College,  ISBN 978-1-4955-0512-5


Explaining Herodotos’s Gold-Digging Ants of India: The Ancient Origins, Historical Embellishments, Linguistic Variations, and Anthropological Interpretations of a Folkloric Text Dr. Peter Maxwell-Stuart, University of St. Andrews 

ISBN 978-1-4955- 0444-0


Recounting the Life of Sir William Petty (1623-1687) Through a Fictionalized Correspondence: An Experiment in Historic Imagination 

Dr. Thomas E. Jordan, University of Missouri-St. Louis    ISBN 978-1-4955-0511-9


A Biography of Henrietta Bosmans: Pianist and Composer Dr. Juanita M. Becker, Wisconsin Lutheran College 

ISBN 978-1-4955-0497-6


Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) Beyond the Christian Soldier: A Critical Biography Dr. Samuel J. Rogal, Illinois Valley Community College   ISBN 978-1-4955-0470-9 


A Close Reading of John Donne’s Epigrams  Dr. M. Thomas Hester, North Carolina State University  ISBN 978-1-4955-0437-2


The Influence of Boethius “Consolation of Philosophy” on Milton’s Paradise Lost

Drs. Jefferey Taylor & Leslie Taylor, Metropolitan State College  ISBN 978-1-4955-0507-1


Development of the Poetic Epic: Classic, Comic, Cyclic, Romantic, Satanic  

Dr. Herbert Richardson, Harvard University Ph.D. ISBN 978-1-4955-0495-2


Correspondences by Charles Baudelaire  Dr. Karen Sasha Tipper, Nichols College    ISBN 978-1-4955-0506-5


Caring for Older People in Taiwan: The Role of Community Care Centers

Dr. Chi-Wei Cheng, Tungai University, Taiwan                  ISBN 978-1-4955-0515-7


The Restoration of Architecture and Works of Art in the Eighteenth Century: The Vocabulary, Theory, and Achievements of Luigi Vanvitelli  Dr. Barbara Tetti, Sapienza-Università delgi Studi de Roma  ISBN 978-1-4955-0504-1


The Development of the Feminist Idea in Egypt and the Middle East from The End of the Eighteenth Century to the Present

Dr. Muhammad Suwaed, Western Galilee College, ISBN 978-1-4955-0505-8


Yoshi Hogen an Eighteenth-Century Japanese Farce: Translated, with an Introduction by Maryellen Toman Mori

Dr. Maryellen Toman Mori, Harvard University Ph.D.   ISBN 978-1-4955-0489-1


A Detailed and Annotated Collection of John Wesley’s Book Reviews, Readings, and Commentaries: Edited with Notes, Background and Commentary by Samuel J. Rogal Three Volume Set (Parts I /II/III)

Dr. Samuel J. Rogal, Illinois Valley Community College,  ISBN 978-1-4955-0436-5 


Three Transnational Jazz Singers (Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald): A Political History of Music.

Dr. Aaron Lefkovitz, Harold Washington College, Chicago  ISBN 978-1-4955-0513-3


Aristotle and Christianity Dr. Paul Berry, Ohio State University    ISBN 978-1-4955-0508-9

The Transitional Role of the Reverend Solomon Stoddard in 17th – Century New England Religion: From National Covenant Through Halfway Covenant to Evangelical Revival, Denise Holland, Brown University  ISBN 978-1-4955-0521-8