Brettschneider, Marla

Dr. Marla Brettschneider is Professor of Political Philosophy with a joint appointment in the Political Science and Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire where she serves as Coordinator of Women’s Studies. Brettschneider is the author of the New Jewish Feminism and Intersectionality and has published award winning books such as The Family Flamboyant: Race Politics, Queer Families, Jewish Lives and The Narrow Bridge: Jewish Views on Multiculturalism with a forward by Cornel West. Her earlier works include Cornerstones of Peace: Jewish Identity Politics and Democratic Theory and Democratic Theorizing From the Margins. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from New York University.

Jewish Africans Describe Their Lives: Evidence of an Unrecognized Indigenous People--Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe
2023 1-4955-1067-0
"The Jewish phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa continues to be rich and diverse. While the world has long known about the prestigious and often ancient Jewish world in North Africa, dynamic Jewish engagements below the Sahara are news to many. ...This work brings to the world stage indigenous Africans involved in Jewish communities in the region speaking for themselves. The bulk of the book consists of adaptions from recorded and transcribed conversations and interviews conducted throughout the region over nearly a decade." -Dr. Marla Brettschneider, Introduction I "All of the testimonies in this book are unique in their own ways. At the same time, however, we can detect several recurring themes running through most or all of them. To my surprise, many of the issues that they discuss are the same ones that more established Jewish communities face all over the world: the struggles to build community, to have a place to pray, to learn how pray and read from the Torah, to educate themselves and their communities, to access information, and to address economic and financial needs. Some confronted antisemitic attitudes and family rejection; others discussed the problems of community continuity, whom to marry, and how to attract new members." Dr. Bonita Nathan Sussman, Introduction II

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The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia: The Beta Israel of Kechene and North Shewa (hardcover)
2022 1-4955-0953-2
From the editor's Introduction:
This book presents scholarly material introducing the world to the little-known, extraordinary, and persistent Jewish communities remaining in Ethiopia as the First Temple Beta Israel Jewish Communities of Kechene and Semien Shewa. Some segments of the historic Jewish communities in Ethiopia were introduced on the world stage in the 1980s with dramatic airlifts to Israel. However, there remains a network of still largely hidden Jewish communities in Ethiopia practicing their traditions, surviving amidst intense local forms of anti-Jewishness, and struggling for recognition as legitimate Jewish communities. This publication offers their story to the world.

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THE JEWISH PHENOMENON IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: The Politics of Contradictory Discourses
2015 1-4955-0348-8
This work is an exploration of Jewishness, Judaism, Jewish texts, and the history of the Jewish people as it relates to the millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. It analyzes the phenomenon of Jewish connectedness using a wide-range of conflicting and religious discourses to bring a fresh perspective to this complex paradigm.

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