The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia: The Beta Israel of Kechene and North Shewa (hardcover)

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From the editor's Introduction:
This book presents scholarly material introducing the world to the little-known, extraordinary, and persistent Jewish communities remaining in Ethiopia as the First Temple Beta Israel Jewish Communities of Kechene and Semien Shewa. Some segments of the historic Jewish communities in Ethiopia were introduced on the world stage in the 1980s with dramatic airlifts to Israel. However, there remains a network of still largely hidden Jewish communities in Ethiopia practicing their traditions, surviving amidst intense local forms of anti-Jewishness, and struggling for recognition as legitimate Jewish communities. This publication offers their story to the world.

Table of Contents

Prefatory Note
Consecration of the Text: Invoking Our Lineage and Sacred Heritage
Introduction I - by Marla Brettschneider
Introduction II - by Malka Shabtay
Note from the Editor - by Nina Judith Katz
Chapter One: The History, Culture, and Struggle of the Beta Israel Community of Kechene and Semien Shewa, by Belayneh Tazebku
Chapter Two: Women's Voices in the Community - Hana Desta, Abiyot Ameneshewa, and Zenebu Gebrekidanu, translated by Michael Moges Demsse
Chapter Three: The North Shewa Beta Israel through the Eyes of a Community Historian, by Mesfin Assefa
Chapter Four: Interview with Ima Mamitiye Kebede Takele by Abere Teshome, translated by Michael Moges Demsse
Chapter Five: Spatial Segregation and Stigmatization of Craft Workers among the Menz Amhara in the Neighborhood of the Yelma Gedam Communal Settlement, by Damtew Yirgu
Chapter Six: Beta-Israel-Balej-"Buda": Three Identities and their Implications for the Life of a Hidden Jewish Community in Ethiopia, by Malka Shabtay
Appendix 1: Ethiopia Country Summary

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