Santos, Dominique

Bilingual Roman/Ogham Inscribed Standing Stones in Britain and Ireland: Evidence of Cultural Exchanges Across the Irish Sea in Late Antiquity
2024 1-4955-1243-6
*This is an 8 x 10 softcover book.* "To take Ogham inscriptions as 'historical sources in their own right' is to admit that, despite the challenges that a complex subject like this represents to any research, they have a huge potential to elucidate many themes related to the history of the Irish Sea region in late antiquity. A few hundreds of Ogham stones have been located in Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales and England. Among all of them, only a small quantity have been carved with two scripts, mainly using Roman letters and Ogham. Monuments with these characteristics are denominated here as 'Bilingual/Biliteral Ogham-and-Roman inscribed stones'. In total this small group represents thirty-three stones from Wales, Devon, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man and it is precisely this set of documents that is addressed in this book." -Dominique Santos ("Introduction")

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