Gluck, Andrew L.

Dr. Andrew L. Gluck received his Ed.D. in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University. He has taught philosophy at Hofstra University and St. Johns University. Dr. Gluck has published in the areas of Jewish medieval philosophy, philosophy of education, consciousness studies and religion.

Emotion in Late Medieval Jewish Philosophy
2021 1-4955-0884-6

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Judah Abrabanel's Philosophy of Love and Kabbalah
2012 0-7734-3054-7
This book shows how Judah Abrabanel’s writings are philosophical, and not merely religious. It examines the Renaissance belief that Love should know more than Wisdom, which is something Abrabanel taught. The ultimate mystical union with God for Abrabanel is beneficence towards one’s fellow human beings. His view is that love is the affirmation of both God and human individual experience. Knowledge of man and God are both dependent upon the experience of love.

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Various Theories Explaining Why the Jewish People are Special: A Response to Jerome Gellman, David Novak, and Michael Wyschogrod’s Understanding of the Chosen People
2016 1-4955-0422-0
“While reminding religious and non-religious people alike of the great contribution of the Jews to modern Western culture, the present volume searches out a hermeneutical middle ground between the materialism of race-based identity theories and the ideological excesses of narrowly conceived religious systems.”
- Craig Nichols, Ph.D.,
University of Rhode Island

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