Sociological Study of Secularization Trends in the American Catholic University. De-Catholicizing the Catholic Religious Curriculum

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Examines the fate of the Catholic university religious curriculum in the United States since the Second Vatican Council and provides answers to the question "Has the Catholic religious curriculum been `secularized'?"


"Sociologist Schubert . . . is also a philosopher of religion. Hence, when he sets out to examine Roman Catholic curricula before and after Vatican II, he is able to see things that most sociologists miss." - John M. Stroup in Scholarly Research and Review

". . . a very thoughtful study of what has been happening in Catholic colleges in America. It is more than that. Using changes in curriculum at these colleges, Schubert provides sharp insights into the general condition of the Catholic church. A very useful book for anyone interested in contemporary religious change." - Peter L. Berger

"...Schubert's book is admirable. It is a contribution to an important debate." - Educational Studies

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