Studying Demographics, Student Equity and Organizational Culture of a California Community College. A Case Study of Transformational Leadership

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This qualitative case study explores leadership dynamics and typologies of campus cultural orientations toward diversity at a single California community college. The study was guided by Bass and Avolio’s (1997) full range leadership model, which is a paradigm of transformational leadership. Additionally, the study was framed by Jayakumar and Museus’s (2012) taxonomy of campus cultural orientations.


“Cervantes’ book skillfully presents the transformational leadership model as a framework investigating the leadership at a community college… [it] gives an account of a transformational situation on a college campus and how the four tenets – idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration were used to bring about change.”
-Dr. Patricia A. Mitchell,
Associate Professor, Leadership Studies
University of San Francisco

“Cervantes’ deeply practical, scholarly and revealing study, illustrates how self-leadership by individuals was in fact necessary in the first instance, prior to the college enacting a transformational leadership concept which aspired to sustain a community college culture moving towards necessary diversity and equity.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by Patricia A. Mitchell, PhD
Acknowledgements / Introduction
1. The Challenge of Leadership and Shifting Student Demographics in the California Community College
2. College Organizational Culture and Student Success
3. Transformational Leadership in Higher Education
4. Destino College and Research Methodology
5. Leadership and Campus Culture at Destino College: Cast Study Findings
6. Destino College Study Analysis

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