Jesuits and the Third Reich

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Describes Nazi persecutions of the Jesuit order during the Third Reich and the fates of many Jesuits in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia, Rumania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Italy, the Low Countries, and France. Also focuses on Jesuit efforts in defense of human rights, particularly those of Jews, and provides a corrective to such views of the Roman Catholic Church of the Nazi period as that popularized by Rolf Hochhuth in The Deputy.


". . . valuable study . . . relies heavily on the recently published but as yet untranslated materials of Ludwig Volk, Ulrich von Hehl, and Dieter Albrecht . . . . a good place to start for a fair and sympathetic account of the Catholic side of the unrelenting and often bitter struggle waged during the war years . . . . Rich notes lead the interested reader to numerous other sources. . . . can do much to prepare and strengthen us for our struggles against similar forces in our time." - First Things

"The bibliography is 34 pages in length, rich in books and articles in many languages. . . . As a fellow Jesuit . . . I am proud of [Lapomarda] and his scholarly work. He has also made me proud of the 152 Jesuit victims of the Nazis listed by name in the appendix." - Nicholas J. McNeil, S.J., in The Church World

"Readers of Father Lapomarda's excellent book, rich in notes and bibliography, can understand better the dimensions of a drama that struck one small, if representative, group of servants of the church before and during World War II." - America

"Lapomarda focuses some much-needed attention on the relationship between the Jesuits and the Jews, both groups frequently condemned in the same breath by the Nazis." - The Catholic Historical Review

". . . succeeds in opening a new window through which to view the holocasut and the horrible toll it visited upon the Jews and Gentiles alike ... richly documented ... dilligent scholarship" - Journal of Church and State

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