History of Italians in the State of Maine

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This work is a survey of Italian Americans’ contributions to business, law, politics, religion, medicine, sports, arts and literature.


"What state could not use such a volume as Lapomarda's? What state does not yet have its historian of the Italian American presence? All too many. And much of our knowledge, which must be collected orally, is not likely to survive another generation."

-John Paul Russo,
Italian Americana

“[T]his enriching work substantially fills in gaps about the totality of the Italian American experience.” – Prof. Salvatore J. LaGumina, Nassau Community College

“ . . . a model state history of an ethnic group.” – Dominic L. Candeloro, Casa Italia Library “. . . a comprehensive volume with fascinating information in every chapter and stories about such remarkable places as Etna, Palermo, Rome, Sorrento, and Verona—all towns in Maine.” – Prof. John Paul Russo, University of Miami

"He treats with equal respect unsung men and women of Italian heritage who have built up the state's infrastructure and whose contributions make society work, such as nationally acclaimed Maine trumpeter William Vacchino or Dr. Arthur P. Caliandro, the Portland-born successor to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. ... This book is a must for all Maine public and college libraries." -- William David Barry, Maine History

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