Deutsche Mystik Im Elsaß

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This previously unpublished work by the Expressionist Lothar Schreyer was written during WWII, an example of literature of `inner emigration'. It was written as one of his spiritual exercises as a lay novice of the Abbey of Maria Laach. It includes a long general introduction about Schreyer's life and work by the author of a monograph on this writer and director of his archives in the Deutsches Lietaraturarchiv, Marbach. An introduction to the text follows. There are chapters on the German character of mysticism in the Alsace as an expression of medieval chivalry; on the Carthusian monastery in Straßburg; on the life of prayer of the nuns (above all the Dominicans, with astonishing details of their extreme practices); on the use of language by the Alsatian mystics; and on the meditative exegesis of the mystic way with major references to sermons and exhorations by Meister Eckehart. With an index and 24 illustrations. Lothar Schreyer Edition, Volume 1


"...Das mit viel innerer Anteilnahme geschriebene, von einer unertrªglichen Deutscht-melei getragene Werk versuch bis heute weithin unbekannte Texte einer im Elsa- heimischen Mystik zu neuem Leben zu erwecken,..." - Alois M. Haas, Zurich in Niemeyer's Germanistik 36.Jg.1995,1

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