Volume 3 of the Schreyer edition assembles for the first time all of the expressionist’s published essays on the theatre and includes his general moral tract Verantworthch (1922). Reactions to the repertoire and traditions of bourgeois theatre before the First World War precede accounts of the Berlin Sturm- and Hamburg Kampfbühne. His work at the Weimar Bauhaus and hopes for youth theatre in the 1920s and 1930s are recorded with post-1945 interpretations and reminiscences. Among the extensive unpublished documents are the two-volume Die Befreiung der Bühnenkunst (1916) analysing in detail the tasks of a director of theatre communities (an extension of earlier published statements), more on Schreyer’s productions, also his plans for a history of marionettes. This illustrated companion volume to his dramas includes a long introductory essay in German and is an essential research tool for scholars in 20th-centiury, expressionist theatre. In German.