An Encyclopedia of German Women Writers 1900-1933 Biographies, Bibliographies and Exemplary Readings Volume Six

Author: Keith-Smith, Brian
Anthology with biographical and bibliographical notes, and portraits where obtainable. Writers have been represented by works that either reveal their development in one genre, or by a cross-section of works from different genres, or by a group of works on one topic. Occasionally a much longer work is included to highlight neglected or unknown areas. Notes and biographies in English, original texts in German.

Table of Contents

Volume Six:
Lola Landau - Kameradschaftsehe (essay); 10 poems
Helene Lange - Ideal der Frauenbildung (essay); Das Kriegsepos der Ricarda Huch (review); Es gab keine sozialdemokratischen Frauenvereine (memoir)
Resi Lange - Kinotypen (prose); Die expressionistische Puppe (essay)
Elisabeth Langgässer - Deutscher Kreuzweg (poetry cycle); Von der Blüte (poem)
Berta Lask - 11 poems; Die Weiße Welle (prose); 7.November (chorus); Thomas Münzer (drama)
Else Lasker-Schüler - 7 poems; Plumm-Pascha (filmscript)
Cécile Lauber - Der Rumplerhof (story); 3 poems; Afrika (prose)
Gertrud von Le Fort - Das Schweißtuch der Veronika (novel extract); Heimweh zur Kirche (poem)
Mechtilde Lichnowsky - Geburt (novel extract); Die Konferenz (prose); Die Ehe als Kunstwerk (essay)