A New Approach to Rural Development in Europe: Germany, Greece, Scotland and Sweden

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Work is based on reports from a research project funded by the European Union for the purpose of investigating differential economic performance among rural areas in similar geographic and policy environments in Scotland, Greece, Germany, and Sweden. The report identifies and measures the impact of development on rural areas in relationship to economic growth or decline.


“….strongly recommend….This book reports the results of an innovative and ambitious program of international comparative research on a topic of critical importance for social and economic development in more developed countries…..the first internationally comparative project to systematically examine factors associated with differences in well being among rural areas in different national contexts…..I am very impressed with the even-handed treatment this research gives to both “tangible” factors (such as resources, infrastructures, and capital) and “intangible” factors (such as institutions, networks, communities)…..[This book] will be of use to development practitioners, and to local, regional, and international bodies with a concern for local development. It will also have a place in the college classroom in courses focused on rural and regional development……You can’t go wrong with this book, It’s a winner!” – David L. Brown, Professor of Development Sociology and Director of Polson Institute for Global Development, Cornell University

“This book….appears at a crucial point in time and it is hoped that it will reinforce and give sold arguments to those forces in Europe and world-wide which try to strengthen countervailing powers against the sole rule of market forces. The fact that this study was commissioned by the European Union may be a positive sign ….” – Walter B. Stöhr, Professor Emeritus, University of Commerca and Business Administration, Vienna

"A book worth reading for all concerned with possible and feasible economic development in the land management field." - Die Erde

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: List of Figures List of Tables Editors’ note
Foreword, Acknowledgements
1. The DORA Project
2. Scotland
3. Germany
4. Greece
5. Sweden
6. The International Comparison
7. Reflections and Recommendations
Annex, Bibliography, Glossary of Abbreviations, Index

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