An Encyclopedia of German Women Writers 1900-1933 Biographies, Bibliographies and Exemplary Readings Volume Ten

Anthology with biographical and bibliographical notes, and portraits where obtainable. Writers have been represented by works that either reveal their development in one genre, or by a cross-section of works from different genres, or by a group of works on one topic. Occasionally a much longer work is included to highlight neglected or unknown areas. Notes and biographies in English, original texts in German.

Table of Contents

Volume Ten:
Nell Walden - 13 poems
Maria Waser - Das Dorf (novel extract)
Anna Elisabeth Weirauch - Der Tag der Artemis (prose extracts); Der Skorpion (novel extracts)
Marie Luise Weismann - 9 poems; Verlornes Ithaka (prose)
Else Wenzig - Frau Hedda (novelle); Mensch im Dunkel (prose)
Martina Wied - 6 poems
Christa Winsloe - Ritter Nérestan (drama scene 12)
Clara Zetkin - Kunst und Proletariat (essay); Frauen gegen den imperialistischen Krieg! (speech)
Hermynia zur Mühlen - Was Peterchens Freunde erzählen (cycle of stories); Der Tempel (novel extracts); Der rote Heiland (dramatic sketch)