Georg Büchner - Tradition and Innovation

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These fourteen essays by a group of mainly British scholars include some of the latest findings in Büchner research. Essays include: Staging Büchner's plays; Coriolanus and Dantons Tod; Maria Stuart and Dantons Tod; Büchner and the `Sturm und Drang'; Büchner's School Orations; Tradition and Innovation in Leonce und Lena; Gardist Jünger and the Genesis of Woyzeck; The Reception of Büchner in lyric poetry; Büchner, Hauptmann and the Development of Tragic Realism in the 19th century; Sexual Politics in the work of Büchner and Wedekind; Büchner and Kasimir Edschmid; Büchner, Schneider and Lenz; Enzenberger's edition of Der Hessische Landbote; Büchner research: Problems and perspectives. An essential volume for all libraries and institutions where Büchner is read and studied, it is especially illuminating on cross-currents between Büchner's work and other writers and traditions.

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