Study of Gaudium Et Spes 19-22, the Second Vatican Council Response to Contemporary Atheism

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This exhaustive historical study highlights the novelty of the contribution of Gaudium et Spes and marks it as a significant change in Catholic approach to this specific problem. Even over 30 years later when many writers comment on the changed climate of atheism (in a more 'post-modern' atmosphere), the study sees the current situation as anticipated by GS, and its contribution as still valid. The conclusion highlights some of the consequences of the Council document for theology today.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction to the Study (Aim, Nature and Limits, Novelty, General Method)
Part One: Text 3 and the Question of Atheism
The Pre-History of GS 19-22; Presentation of the Text; General Debate on Text 3; Preface and Chapter 1; Debate on Chapters 2, 3, 4
Part Two: Text 4 and the Question of Atheism
Presentation of the Text; General Debate on Text 4; Debate of Preface, Introductory Exposition and Part One
Part Three: "GAUDIUM ET SPES" 19-22
Presentation of the Recognised Text; The Forms and Roots of Atheism; Systematic Atheism
Christ the New Man; Conclusion to the Study
Bibliography, Index of Names, Subject Index

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