Jesuits and the Joint Mission to England During 15801581

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This book is an historical study of the Catholic mission to England, a joint mission that included three English Jesuits ( the first Jesuits to be sent to their native land) and twelve other English Catholics. It focuses on these men and other people who became involved with them. To a large degree, the work is an account of a manhunt – the pursuit of the missioners by Government informers and spies and their efforts to evade capture. In addition, the book sheds light on the life of Elizabethan Catholics, describes the underground that assisted priests, and points out connections between the English Catholic community and the Continent. It examines the religious struggle in England to that time and argues that the mission intensified the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in significant ways. Also, the decision of the Jesuits to serve in England changed the nature of the missionary effort because for the first time an entire religious order was committed to the English mission and the Jesuits had the training, organization and skills that made them especially effective.


". . . extremely well researched, beautifully written, judicious, balanced, and a significant contribution to Elizabethan studies. . . . Throughout the text, he has used material from a good number of primary sources drawn from both sides of the religious divide. He draws from letters, reports, diaries and other such texts, but always in an unobtrusive way, so as to create a great sense of immediacy in the narration. . . .informed not only by his own sound research but engages up-to-date scholarship on the late sixteenth century." – Anne Gardiner

". . . has a kind of novelistic quality, tracing characters through an episode leaving them for other events, and returning as the story develops. The reliance on primary letters and memoirs gives the text an historical authenticity that encourages trust on the part of the reader. . . . make us of the latest scholarly literature and occasionally brings the debates of that literature into the text." – Stephen Varvis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Foreword; Preface; Introduction

1. Dr. Allen in Rome

2. The Apostolical Number

3. The Spy; Coming Home

4. The Arrival of Other Missioners

5. Ministers from Abroad

6. Sledd Again

7. Of Free Cost to Preach the Gospel

8. A Persecution Hot and Vehement

9. Attacks and Counterattacks

10. It is a bitter Fight

11. Let Me Take Something with Me That Is Good

12. I Forgive Thee

13. A Sign From god Pointing to Some Good End

14. Public Disputations

15. It Was Not Our Death that Ever We Feared

16. Preparing for Death

17. We Are Made a Spectacle

18. To Be Friends in Heaven

Notes, Bibliography, Index

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