Catholicism and the Clan Macdonell of Glengarry

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This study examines issues of religion, culture and national identity in early modern Britain with the focus being upon one specific Highland clan, MacDonell of Glengarry. This clan was renowned, or notorious, for its adherence to Catholicism and later Jacobitism, over a hundred year period, 1650-1750. The author proposes that it is Catholicism and the Catholic mission of the years 1650-1750 that provide the essential element in understanding the history of the clan during the early modern period.


“This study delves deeply into the complex and difficult sources for evidence of the life of faith in the clan. It considers the implications for our understanding of popular observance that the clan engaged with the work of the mission, for what this says about the practice of faith and post-Reformation Roman Catholicism. The study explores with new insight an important case study of the unfolding relationships between a minority community and its neighbours, near and far.” – Dr. Michael J Seymour, Department of Management, University of Bradford

“Dr. Curry’s work ... while being impeccably scholarly, is no dry-as-dust antiquarian study, but a lively, fast-paced, insightful and beautifully written account, not simply of one clan, but of a world of religious, cultural and political commitment and competition in early modern Scotland. ... This outstanding work will command a large readership ...” – Dr. Michael Mullet, Professor of Cultural and Religious History, University of Lancaster

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr. Michael J. Seymour
1 Arrival of the Mission
2 The Clan MacDonell of Glengarry, 1650-1680
3 The Clan MacDonell of Glengarry, 1680-1750
4 The Highlands: Culture, Religion, Language and National Identity
5 The Mission in Glengarry and Knoydart, 1650-1750
6 Compromise and Consensus: The Nature of Gaelic Catholicism
7 Catholic Education, Recruitment to the Priesthood and Patterns of Priestly Distribution
8 Divisions Amongst the Clergy
Appendix 1 – Genealogy
Appendix 2 – Table Showing Priests Working in Glengarry and Knoydart, 1650-1750
Appendix 3 – Letters from the Mission

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