Westhues, Kenneth

Kenneth Westhues is Professor of Sociology at the University of Waterloo. He earned his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University.

Administrative Mobbing at the University of Toronto
2012 0-7734-6468-9
This is the Canadian edition of The Envy of Excellence: Administrative Mobbing of High Achieving Professors

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Anatomy of Academic Mobbing- Two Cases
2008 0-7734-4922-1
Examines two cases of academic mobbing, with an introduction explaining the background, context, and significance of the incidents.

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Eliminating Professors
1998 0-7734-8210-5
Based on 25 actual case histories, in some of which the professor has been removed, in others not, the book includes additional cases from non-academic settings. It describes in detail a five-stage process that begins with ostracization and ends with removal though one of ten different exit-doors; draws upon the latest studies of conflict surrounding race and gender, and shows the pitfalls and potential this conflict holds for academic administration.; identifies the elements of organizational infrastructure that must be in place if an elimination effort is to succeed.

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Envy of Excellence
2006 0-7734-5979-0
This is the full report of a decade of research: the conceptual frame for the study of workplace mobbing plus detailed examination of one extraordinary case, to which fifty others are contrasted and compared. This edition includes an appendix of critical commentaries by ten scholars in varied disciplines.

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2006 0-7734-5720-8
Therese Warden and Uhuru Watson, tenured professors at Medaille College (New York), were dismissed for turpitude in 2002. Herbert Richardson, tenured professor at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, was dismissed for gross misconduct in 1994. Rigorous comparative study of these cases yields rich insight, especially because the Medaille mobbings, unlike the one at Toronto, have been corrected. This book spells out a pragmatist, dialogic method for the study of mobbing: analyses of the Medaille cases by Dr. Westhues and AAUP, and scholarly conversation on the Toronto case between Dr. Westhues and seven colleagues in varied disciplines: James Van Patten, Education, Florida Atlantic; Stan C. Weeber, Sociology, McNeese State; Jo A. Baldwin, English, Mississippi Valley State; Anson Shupe, Sociology, Indiana/Purdue; Barry W. Birnbaum, Education, Northeastern Illinois; James Gollnick, Religious Studies, Waterloo.

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2005 0-7734-6060-8
This is a fascinating account of the dismissal of a Protestant professor from a prestigious Catholic university through the instigation of the present Pope Benedict XVI. This is a special trade edition of The Envy of Excellence, identical in content except for deletion of the appendix of ten critical commentaries, and addition of an introduction, "Formulating the Question," by Herbert Richardson.

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Winning, Losing, Moving On
2005 0-7734-5969-3
Nine gripping accounts of trouble in professionals’ working lives and how they dealt with it. Editorial introductions show how each account sheds light on the basic process of workplace mobbing. One professor tells how he escaped a poisonous work environment, another how he survived in one. A third (before his suicide) traces the steps to his dismissal. A pacifist teacher, a renowned surgeon, a dramatist - their stories are all here. Contributors: the late David S. Clarke, Southern Illinois; Jacob Neusner, Bard College; Ross A. Klein, Memorial of Newfoundland; Doug Giebel, Montana State; Charles F. Howlett, Molloy College; Robert F. Fleissner, Central State; Geary H. Larrick, Stevens Point, WI; Ursula A. Falk, therapist, Buffalo, NY; Gerhard Falk, Buffalo State; and a newcomer surgeon.

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2010 0-7734-1395-2

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WORKPLACE MOBBING IN ACADEME : Reports from Twenty Universities
2005 0-7734-5977-4
A comprehensive introduction to workplace mobbing in today’s colleges and universities, this easy-to-read volume defines and explains the devastating process of being ganged up on by colleagues and administrators, and eliminated from even a tenured professorship. It begins with the editor’s summary of his ground-breaking research, begun in 1992 and set forth in two earlier and widely praised Mellen titles, Eliminating Professors and The Envy of Excellence. The sections of the present book consist of original essays written in response to Dr. Westhues’ work, reporting and analyzing cases of mobbing in both scientific and humanistic fields. Editorial introductions to successive sections show how each chapter helps answer basic questions about mobbing in the academic workplace: what it is, how the process unfolds, what kind of professors join in and what kind get targeted, by what methods professors are attacked and how they fight back, and finally, how the incidence of mobbing can be reduced.

The authors approach mobbing from diverse disciplinary viewpoints, from anthropology and law to psychology and sociology. Contributors: Dhiraj K. Pradhan, Bristol; Hugo Meynell, Calgary; Enrico Cavina, Pisa; Daryl White, Spelman College; O. Kendall White, Washington & Lee; Jo and Joseph Blase, Georgia; Melvin Williams, Michigan; Carey Stronach, Virginia State; Martin Loney, journalist, Ottawa; Irving Hexham, Calgary; Nathan Young, British Columbia; Joan E. Friedenberg, Southern Illinois: John Mueller, Calgary; Brian Martin, Wollongong; Kathleen Kufeldt, Memorial of Newfoundland: Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Wales; Roman Dubinski, Waterloo; Charmian Bondi, consultant, Oslo; Jan Gregersen, consultant, Jar; David Yamada, Suffolk.

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