Envy of Excellence

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This is the full report of a decade of research: the conceptual frame for the study of workplace mobbing plus detailed examination of one extraordinary case, to which fifty others are contrasted and compared. This edition includes an appendix of critical commentaries by ten scholars in varied disciplines.


"Often book reviewers commend the book under review as valuable or sometimes essential reading. This book is that and more. This book and the issues it raises should be on the desk and bedside table of every academic administrator ... Dr. Westhues' analysis raises issues of institutional life that strike at the heart of what it means to be a post-secondary administrator in a civil and civilized society." – Michael Manley-Casimir, Acting Vice-President, Brock University

"Within the nuanced cadence of the great common-law traditions practiced in the United States and the British Commonwealth, perhaps no offense is more destructive yet so rarely punished as the malicious activity known colloquially as 'mobbing.' Dr. Kenneth Westhues's book goes a long way toward correcting this judicial and statutory oversight.” - Kurt von S. Kynell, Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice, Northern Michigan University

"I highly recommend this book and won't spoil it for you by detailing what I think. It takes a big of getting into but I found that I couldn't put it down thereafter. The book is worth reading for the quoted memoranda alone." - Vernon L. Quinsey, Head, Department of Psychology, Queen's University

"Worthy of a screenplay, it will serve as an excellent source book for many years to come." - J. Phillippe Rushton, Professor of Psychology, University of Western Ontario

"Among the best written and most intriguing academic books I have ever read, a shining example of pragmatic scholarship." - William Hart, poet and novelist, Los Angeles

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