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Therese Warden and Uhuru Watson, tenured professors at Medaille College (New York), were dismissed for turpitude in 2002. Herbert Richardson, tenured professor at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, was dismissed for gross misconduct in 1994. Rigorous comparative study of these cases yields rich insight, especially because the Medaille mobbings, unlike the one at Toronto, have been corrected. This book spells out a pragmatist, dialogic method for the study of mobbing: analyses of the Medaille cases by Dr. Westhues and AAUP, and scholarly conversation on the Toronto case between Dr. Westhues and seven colleagues in varied disciplines: James Van Patten, Education, Florida Atlantic; Stan C. Weeber, Sociology, McNeese State; Jo A. Baldwin, English, Mississippi Valley State; Anson Shupe, Sociology, Indiana/Purdue; Barry W. Birnbaum, Education, Northeastern Illinois; James Gollnick, Religious Studies, Waterloo.


"With publication of Eliminating Professors and his continuing research on the subject, Dr. Kenneth Westhues has virtually founded a new field in sociology." - David S. Clarke, Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University

"Professor Westhues is to be deeply congratulated on the terrifying vision of institutional evil which he has presented to us. Such things are permitted to exist, largely because people cannot believe how bad they are; the great weapon to be used against them is publicity. I myself would find such allegations incredible, but for a case intimately known to myself." - Hugo Meynell, Fellow, Royal Canadian Society, Calgary

"A massive achievement." - A. Frank Thompson, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo

Table of Contents

Part One: The Warden/Watson Dismissals at Medaille College
Overview: The Medaille Project
Initial Paper, October 2002: “The Mobbings at Medaille College”
Second Paper, March 2003: “The Medaille Mobbings, Part Two”
Third Paper, July 2003: “The Medaille Crisis in Mid-2003”
January-February 2004: “Report on the Medaille Dismissals,” Committee A, AAUP

Part Two: The Richardson Dismissal at Toronto
Overview: The Mellen Project
James Van Patten – “Captains of Erudition: Use and Misuse of Administrative Power”
Stan Weeber – “Canadian Gulag? Comparing the Elimination of Dissidents by Totalitarian Regimes and of Unwanted Professors by University Administrations”
Jo A. Baldwin – “A Good Reason for Mobbing”
Anson Shupe – “When the Bastards Grind You Under: Conflict Theory versus Social Exchange Theory”
Barry W. Birnbaum – “A Review of Literature on Tenure and Dismissal of Professors”
James Gollnick – “Dreams and Reflections on a Sad Chapter in Canadian Academic History”

Conclusion: The Waterloo Strategy for Prevention of Mobbing in Universities

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