The Spiritual Literature of Recollection in Spain (1500-1620): The Reform of the Inner Person

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This study contains a thorough outline and explanation of the inner way of spiritual Recollection as developed in Spain at the end of the 15th century and throughout the 16th. The literature followed the religious tradition called affective spirituality that can be traced back to Augustine through Francis of Assisi and Bonaventure and included many Germanic mystics. All these currents converged in Spain, producing such writers as Pedro de Alcántara, Juan de Avila, Barnardino de Laredo, Francisco de Osuna, Teresa de Jesús, and Juan de la Cruz.


“. . . restores for modern readers a valuable, vital part of the picture of sixteenth-century spirituality in Spain and illuminates Spain’s relationship to religious currents in other parts of Europe. His lucid explanation of the Vía del Recogimiento and its base in the concepts of internalized virtue and a responsive conscience will also enrich our understanding of many other texts of sixteenth-century Spain.” – Maureen Ihrie

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword, Preface, Introduction
1. Antecedents of the Spirituality of Recollection and the Reform Movement Outside of the Iberian Peninsula
2. Antecedents of Recollection and the Spanish Reform in the Iberian Peninsula
3. The Initiators of the Vía del Recogimiento (The Way of Recollection)
4. The Full Flowering of the Vía del Recogimiento in Spain
Epilogue, Endnotes, Bibliography, Index

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