Saint Anselm - His Origins and Influence

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“. . . brings together essays that will aid scholars and students of Anselm both to locate him better within his historical context and to rethink his role in the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy. . . . throughout, the writing is accessible and thus the volume will prove beneficial both to Anselm scholars and to those approaching Anselm for the first time.” – Thomas Hibbs

“It was a great pleasure to read the volume Saint Anselm, His Origins and Influence. . . among collected volumes I have examined in recent years, this one seems to have a theme which is especially well chosen and elegantly presented. The contributions are presentations given at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire, the first being by one of the leading authorities in the world of modern Anselmian studies, G. R. Evans of Cambridge University. . . . this is a volume that will delight, inform, and inspire.” – Stephen Gersh

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Katherin A. Rogers
Anselm and keeping Order in the Real World (Gillian R. Evans)
Anselm’s Argument in the Proslogion and Aquinas’s Proofs: The fundamental Agreement (Montague Brown)
Anselm’s Spiritual Metaphysics (Susan Krantz)
The Cross and the Pearl: Anselm’s Patristic Doctrine of Atonement (Kevin McMahon)
The Dynamic Form and Content of Anselm’s Proslogion (Richard Miller)
Divinity, Necessity, and Freedom in Anselm of Canterbury (Kevin Staley)
Anselm’s Incompatibilism (Stan R. Tyvoll)
Norman Malcolm’s Ontological Argument (William A. Drumin)
Speaking the Trinity: Anselm and his 13th-century Interlocutors on Divine Intelligere and Dicere (Matthew Levering)
On the Relative Priority of the Ontological and Cosmological Arguments in Kant and Aquinas (Lawrence Pasternack)
Hegel Facing Anselm: God, Evil, and Truth (Daniel E. Shannon)
Karl Barth’s Anselmic Rationality (Gerry Wilson)
Anselm, Abbott of Bec: Servant to Benedict (Jeffrey Aubuchon)
Faith Seeking Understanding: A Consistent Theme in the Writings of Saint Anselm of Canterbury (John-Paul Shimek)

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