Introductory Readings in Canon Law

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Eleven essays developing the fundamental idea that Christ is the causa formalis and the causa finalis of human consciousness. Created as a text on canon law, available for text use in inexpensive student editions.


"[Cuschieri's] knowledge of the Roman law sources, as well as of the decretists and the decretalists, provides a background to contemporary legislation that few today are able to offer. . . . The chapter on `Personhood as Endorsed in the Code of Canon Law' is a masterpiece." - The Canadian Catholic Review

". . . takes a comprehensive, theological approach to select topics of canon law, mostly from General Norms. The question of the parochial community is covered concisely. . . . presents a Christocentric, clear, rich source of continuity in Church legislation. . . . a challenging book for seminarians and student canonists." - Review for Religious

". . . [T]he eleven essays which comprise this book represent a voluminous commentary on Christ as causa formalis and causa finalis of human consciousness." - Église et Théologie

"The author elaborates an unusual and coherent theology of canon law. He relies on the Scriptures, the fathers of the Church, Roman jurists, medieval canonists, and scholastic and contemporary theologians. The book contains hundreds of footnote citations

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