Catholic Church and Economic Growth in Quebec From 1919 to 1929

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This monograph considers the philosophy behind the Quebec Roman Catholic Church and its support of specific enterprises and endeavors that would impact the economy in a number of regions. An examination is made into the reasons why the Church chose the means it did of encouraging economic growth, while consideration is given to the criticisms of its efforts made by past historians.


“This ... is a revisionist look at the role of the Catholic Church in the Quebec economy between 1919 and 1929.” - Dr. Nicole St-Onge, Associate Professor of History, University of Ottawa

“What impressed me was his remarkable ability to understand Quebec history on its own terms, not in light of the needs of the present. ... I can only recommend this work by an Anglophone historian who demonstrates greater sensitivity and insight in this regard than an entire generation of French Quebec historians.” - Professor Roberto Perin, Chair of History Department, York University - Glendon

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 The Economic Background from the 19th Century to 1929
3 Banking and Finance
4 Clerical Patronage
5 Catholic Unions and Catholic Associations
6 Conclusion: Catholic Clergy in the Quebec Economy
List of Graphs & Tables

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