Emergence of Roman Catholic Medical Ethics in North America an Historical-Methodological-Bibliographical Study

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Focuses on general texts of moral theology to investigate how Roman Catholic medical ethics emerged in North America as a developed and self-conscious discipline. Applies questions that Roman Catholic moralists have been pondering for centuries to the relatively new field of medical ethics.


". . . will be of use to the academic historian or the Roman Catholic who wishes to know his/her history." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"informative and extremely useful . . . . Kelly's excellent and necessary study should be a basic addition to the libraries of all those interested in medical ethics." - Church History

". . . an extremely valuable historical and analytical study . . . . The several bibliographies (one is fifty-one pages) will provide a gold mine for future researchers." - Theological Studies "stimulating" - Louvain Studies

"[Kelly's] critique of both old and new shows ability and insight." - Sciences Religieuses - Studies in Religion

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