Implementation of Vatican II in Eastern Africa. The Contribution of Bishop Vincent Mccauley, CSC

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Examines Vincent McCauley’s great contribution to the church of Eastern Africa through his implementation of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). McCauley served the church in Eastern Africa for almost 25 years, implementing his ideas on the importance of indigenous clergy and education, which he had learned as a missionary in East Bengal.


“In his extensive research Father Gribble has relied not only on primary and secondary sources in archives and printed materials but also on “oral history” in the form of interviews with contemporaries of Bishop McCauley. Besides his narrative account, he has analyzed the prelate’s attitudes toward enculturation vs. adaptation and Africanization vs. conformity to the universal Church. In sum, the author has presented to us the life of an ecclesiastic totally devoted to his ministry to strangers with whom he became one. Since most missionaries—priests, sisters, brothers, and lay people—who leave their homeland to spread the faith in other lands are forgotten by those remaining behind, it is a boon for us of the twenty-first century to be shown this portrait of a fellow American who took to heart the Lord’s injunction to spread the Gospel to all nations.” – Prof. Robert Trisco, The Catholic University of America

“This work makes an important contribution to the religious history of East Africa and to our understanding of the Church in the postconciliar era. By focusing on the extraordinary life of Bishop McCauley Gribble is able to highlight a number of key issues. Most significantly, he examines a missionary bishop at a time when the Church and its notion of mission were being dramatically refashioned.” – Dr. Jeffrey Burns, Archivist, Archdiocese of San Francisco, Director Academy of American Franciscan History

“Gribble has done a thorough job of research on McCauley as his copious source notes indicate. His excellent background information on what was happening and being said among Catholics who were McCauley’s contemporaries as well as his keen sense of church history complement the story of the East African Church as does his knowledge of events in Africa in the twentieth century. One might hope for studies of a similar caliber of other African nations as we seek to assess the impact of Vatican II on African Christianity.” – Prof. James T. Connelly, University of Portland

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Trisco
1. The Pre-Africa Years: 1906-1958
2. The Uganda Mission: 1958-1961
3. Vatican II and the Church in Eastern Africa
4. The Implementation of Vatican II in Uganda
5. Vatican II and AMECEA: 1964-1979
Epilogue: The Legacy of Vincent McCauley, CSC

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