World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church

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An analytical history of the ecumenical movement in this century that focuses on the incidence of convergence and divergence between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, with detailed expositions of the assemblies and councils that have served as the milestones of ecumenism. Includes a 20-page bibliography.


"This is a well-written book with extensive documentation. Anyone interested in ecumenical dialogue and the relations between the W.C.C. and the Roman Catholic Church in recent years should consult it. The perspective is clearly Roman Catholic, but the tone is hopeful and deeply appreciative of the ecumenical initiatives of many persons . . . ." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

". . . extremely useful and informative . . . provides a clear, detailed, and well-documented survey of the development of the ecumenical movement from its Protestant missionary beginnings . . . . There is, indeed, much that is excellent in the book, and I shall be glad to have it on my shelves as a ready reference-source for all the main events and documents of the ecumenical movement, as well as for thumb-nail sketches of many of the pioneers, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox." - The Irish Theological Quarterly ". . . a well-done volume of great importance for the history of ecumenical activity in the 20th century." - ADRIS

"By highlighting expressions of divergence as well as convergence, as found in pertinent documents from both the World Council and the Vatican, this volume performs a useful service." - Religious Studies Review

"Eighteen packed chapters about WCC from its earliest stages to its 1983 convention, with special development of the impact of Vatican II and the future role of the Catholic Church." - Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Newsletter

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