McDonnell, John J.

Concept of an Atom. From Democritus to John Dalton
1992 0-7734-9649-1
This is an investigation into the ages long discussion about whether primary indivisible bodies exist, from Democritus in the fifth century BC, to John Dalton in 1802. Investigates Aristotle's opposition to the first and whether the Democritean atom is the same as the Daltonian atom.

Price: $139.95

World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church
1985 0-88946-765-X
An analytical history of the ecumenical movement in this century that focuses on the incidence of convergence and divergence between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, with detailed expositions of the assemblies and councils that have served as the milestones of ecumenism. Includes a 20-page bibliography.

Price: $279.95