Batts, Peter M.

Dr. Peter M. Batts completed his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins, his graduate programs at Columbia University of Library Service and Harvard Divinity School and received a D.Th. from St. Paul University (Ottawa, Canada) and a PhD from the University of Ottawa. A specialist in 19th century French Catholic history and thought, he is currently a lecturer at Caldwell College in New Jersey.

Henri Dominique Lacordaire’s Re-Establishment of the Dominican Order in Nineteenth-Century France
2004 0-7734-6393-3
This book examines the uniqueness of Lacordaire and his approach to founding or refounding a religious congregation in the 19th century France. Rather than looking to the past or reacting against the society produced by the French Revolution, Lacordaire accepts the basic principles of the Revolution and wants to show the compatibility between these principles and the Catholic faith. The author shows how Lacordaire in his understanding of Dominicanism, did not seek so much to look to the past as to make the Order relevant to the time.

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