Using a Family Perspective in Catholic Social Justice and Family Ministries

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This collection of papers examines the principles presented in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' document A Family Perspective in Church and Society in the context of Catholic social teaching, and develops implications for family policy and social justice concerns in the church. The first part examines recent trends and changes in family life and proposes a policy agenda for the 1990s that addresses these changes. The second part develops linkages between social justice and family life programs so that the former can incorporate a family perspective, and the latter can more effectively advocate for and empower families. It provides strategies for implementation in parishes, dioceses, human service programs and homes.


"Because of the diversity of approaches to the relevance of a family perspective, its importance and its potential for implementation, this collection of papers will attract a diverse audience: family ministers, parish staffs and committees, pastors, religious educators, seminarians, families themselves. While the theological foundations are drawn primarily from Roman Catholic sources, the content and appeal of the book has a broader ecumenical value since it so clearly elucidates the situations of contemporary families living in our society." - Mary Patricia Mulligan

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