Interreligious Dialogue in the Catholic Church Since Vatican II an Historical and Theological Study

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Deals with one of the major religious problems of our times, interreligious dialogue, with particular reference to: the activities of the Secretariat for Non-Christians of the Roman Catholic Church; the Sun-Unit for Dialogue with People of Living Faiths and Ideologies of the World Council of Churches; and a third part calling for an adequate theology of religions.


"The third part . . . is important because it faces the problem of dialogue in relation to the persistent problem of mission. . . . contains valuable observations and critiques . . . ." - Missiology

". . . not for the general reader but is directed toward individuals and churches engaged in interfaith dialogue to urge their critical reflection upon developing an adequate theology of world religions. Suggested for seminary libraries." - Religious Studies Review

"This volume has not received the attention it deserves. . . . Several major findings emerge from this study. . . . a rich source of documentation on the development of interreligious dialogue . . ." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

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