Conciliar Church Policy During the Reign of Fernando IV, King of Castile-Leon, 1295-1312

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This study examines the relationship between the clergy and the monarchy, and the clergy’s attempts to guard their rights. It examines the four provincial councils (May 1310 at Toro, August 1310 at Alcalá de Henares, October 1310 at Salamanca, and July 1311 at Zamora) which played a significant role in the reassertion of the Castilian and Leonese prelates’ libertas ecclesiastica and the suppression of the Order of the Templars in Castile.


“Pepin’s work is an important contribution to Medieval Spanish studies. It is competently written and researched and it presents the reader in clear and well-documented fashion a complicated period in the history of the Kingdom of Castile…. explains the power struggle that existed between the monarchy and the clergy during the reign of Fernando IV with the political machinations that went on between the Church, the Monarchy, the nobility and the townsmen…. Pepin discusses the different councils held in such cities as Toledo and Santiago, wherein the clergy attempted to safeguard their rights. She presents an abundance of facts and citations that trace the turbulent reign of Fernando IV and his relation with the clergy…. does an excellent job of presenting the relationship between Church and State in Castile and at the same time placing it within the historical context of Spain and western Europe.” – Angelo J. DiSalvo, Indiana State University

“Students of medieval Spanish history are often struck by the fact that there are few substantial studies of the reigns of certain kings such as Fernando IV. Professor Pepin’s study of the relationship between the monarchy and the bishops during a critical period is based on contemporary sources. Readers can glean ample profit from her work.” – Joseph O’Callaghan, Fordham University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Joseph O’Callaghan
1. Church-State Relations in the Kingdom of Castile-Léon in the Thirteenth Century
2. In Defense of the Castilian and Leonese Churches’ libertas ecclesiastica (1295-1302)
3. Safeguarding the Rights of Castilian and Leonese Churches
4. Preserving libertas ecclesiastica: The Church Councils of 1310-1311
5. Conclusion
Bibliography; Index

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