Parish Cell Communities as Agents of Renewal in the Catholic Church in Ireland

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A first time study of the parish cell movement within the Catholic Church in the context of a new evangelical call by papal authorities after the Second Vatican Council. Hurley traces the history of the new evangelicalization from the parish of St. Boniface in Pembroke Pines to the rise of parish cell communities throughout Ireland. As a member of the parish cell movement himself, Hurley distinguishes within his book between the encounter, programmatic, and charismatic models of evangelicalization. Gathering data from constituencies with the national executive of the movement and members in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Hurley uses the concept of oikos to define how everyday relationships within these communities contributed to the renewed development of faith and the new evangelicalization movement.


“Michael Hurley’s analysis of the parish cell movement in the Catholic church in the context of recent papal exhortations to develop a ‘new evangelization’ breaks new ground.” – Prof. Bernadette Flanagan All Hallows College

“An engaging and important work. – Prof. Eugene Curran All Hallows College

“An insightful and evaluation and critique.” – Prof. Patrick Mullins Institute of Theology and Philosophy

"... this work provide an interesting treasure trove of ideas about developing faith and promoting the New Evangelisation in small group contexts." -- Prof. Eugene Duffy, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

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1. A Theology of Evangelization

2. Literature of New Evangelization

3. Parish Cell Communities (1983-2007)

4. Faith Groups in a New Evangelization

5. OIKOS Evangelization: Celebrating new Inclusiveness and Accompaniment

6. Cell Communities Survey

7. The Significance of Parish Cell Communities in the New Evangelization




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