Sociological Studies in Roman Catholicism Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

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Investigates Catholicism in the diverse contexts of French and English Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Latin America, the British Isles, and the United States. Intended not as a geographical survey but as a sampling of the kinds of scholarship which can be undertaken in this field under the inspiration of a variety of sociological perspectives.


"The editor's introduction provides a useful perspective on the development of sociological approaches to Catholicism and correctly characterizes the chapters as `original, probing, controversial, and even iconoclastic.' " - Journal of Church and State

". . . Roger O'Toole is well known to sociologists of religion for both his meticulously crafted survey of classics in the field and his prior term as editor of Sociological Analysis. . . .there is not a weak entry to be found. . . . From the learned introduction by O'Toole to Hewitt's unsettling last words, readers will not wonder why this book came to be. They will only enthuse about its contents and their quality. " - Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

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