Subject Area: Religion & Society

A Christian Foreign Policy: New Ways to Think About a Problem
 Herrick, Rick
2019 1-4955-0785-8 104 pages
Dr. Rick Herrick's work reconsiders foreign policy from the perspective of Christianity. It considers all the issues concerned with foreign policy through a religious frame of reference.

A Christian Foreign Policy: New Ways to Think About a Problem (Softcover)
 Herrick, Rick
2020 1-4955-0818-8 104 pages
Dr. Rick Herrick's work reconsiders foreign policy from the perspective of Christianity. It considers all the issues concerned with foreign policy through a religious frame of reference.

A Review of the Literature on Obesity, Health Measurements, and the Food Industry: A Theological Commentary on Three Approaches to these Problems
 Browning, Peter D.
2018 1-4955-0707-6 160 pages
In this book, Dr. Browning joins the fat acceptance movement in condemning discrimination against people because of their body size. It draws from theological ethics to reject the charges of "gluttony" and "sloth" directed at people solely because of their weight and shape. It applies these vices to the food industry and its less-than-energetic concerns about the health of its customers.

A Seminary Education: The Formation of a Christian Soul
 Richardson, Herbert W.
2018 1-4955-0698-3 328 pages
The author describes his four years studying for the ministry at the Boston University School of Theology. He analyzes the curriculum, the practical training, the relations between faculty and students, and explains how it transformed him and prepared him to function effectively as a Christian minister.

An Anthology of Spiritual and Historical Sikh Names
 Singh, G. D.
1995 0-7734-8888-6 144 pages
Provides the reader with the key patterns of name formulation, with an emphasis on those names which have inspirational value and are particularly associated with Gurbani (Sikh gospel) and Sikh history. The spellings of all names, terms and titles are in the phonetic modes, to enable the reader to pronounce them. The hyphen is also used to emphasize the syllables from which the name is derived.

Anti-Blackness in English Religion 1500-1800
 Washington, Joseph R. Jr.
1985 0-88946-808-7 624 pages
Traces the idea of anti-blackness (where black is a synonym for evil) and its relation to anti-Blackness (where Black implies those of native African ancestry).

Attitudes of Religions and Ideologies Toward the Outsider: the Other
 Swidler, Leonard
1990 0-88946-270-4 220 pages
Includes essays on the attitudes of Jewish, Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Yoruba religions towards non-members, and essays on "Types of Encounter Between Religions," "What is Dialogue?" "The Religions of Others in ISKON's Eyes," and "Marxism and the Religious Question."

Autobiographies of Conversion
 Fichter, Joseph H.
1987 0-88946-857-5 256 pages
Presents conversion autobiographies of 18 members of the Unification Church. Concluding essay discusses theories of conversion and tests the validity of these theories against the autobiographies themselves.

Balance of Human Kindness and Cruelty: Why We are the Way We Are
 Edgerton, Robert B.
2005 0-7734-6287-2 304 pages
This book reviews the many conflicting theories about human nature, those that stress our dark side, and those that emphasize our goodness. It then explores actual human behavior in societies around the world beginning with earliest and smallest known societies, foraging people such as the !Kung San Pygmies, then various kinds of farming people, and finally, city dwellers. It also focuses on human behavior during the 20th Century providing detailed examples of human kindness and inhumanity. It also examines human behavior under the most terrible kind of stress imaginable--deadly, prolonged famine. How people respond to famine around the world is described with an emphasis on the killer famine that starved much of Ireland from 1845 to 1850. Many Irish people died of starvation but unlike other parts of the world where starvation led the strong to kill and eat the weak, Irish culture forbade such killing and in reality it did not take place. Finally, the book summarizes the evidence, then concludes that even though people have biological urges that lead toward anti-social behavior, human rule systems can control most of these anti-social predispositions.

Barmen Confession Papers From the Seattle Assembly
 Locke, Hubert G.
1987 0-88946-770-6 370 pages
The twelve papers presented provide a broad spectrum of both historical assessment and fresh theological discourse. They include contributions by witnesses and survivors of the German church struggle, veteran American commentators on that struggle, and recent interpreters of the theology of Barmen working in a variety of contexts.

Barth, Barmen, and the Confessing Church Today Katallegete
 Holloway, James Y.
1995 0-88946-720-X 308 pages
Individuals and institutions concerned with the meaning of the Barmen Confession in the 1930's and its relevance for the Church in the 20th century will want to acquire this volume. The original article, Hunsinger's "Barth, Barmen, and the Confessing Church Today" appeared in the journal KATALLAGETE in the 1985 issue, raising the question for many Christians: is our time a status confessionis? By the Fall 1987 issue, many known and unknown Christians responded, across denominational and other lines: Hehmann, Berrigan, Cochrane, deGruchy, Cos, Stackhouse, Hellwig, Gritsch, Hauerwas, MacEoin, Yoder: eighteen responses as well as Hunsinger's response to each. Besides those essays, a unique feature of the volume is the photography of the Barmen church where the Confession was signed, May 1934. The present church was built after the original church was destroyed by Allied bombings in 1943. The volume also includes a facsimile of the final typescript of the Declaration, edited by Karl Barth, with the signatures of Barth, Asmussen, Putz, Beckmann, and Obendiek, and scores of Thomas Merton's calligraphies. The issues raised in Katallagete '85 and '87 are no less germane now in view of the events in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Bishop Reginald Pecock and the Lancastrian Church Securing the Foundations of Cultural Authority
 Brockwell, Charles W. Jr.
1989 0-88946-813-3 280 pages
A study of the controversial Bishop Pecock, a minor but notorious theologian and "hammerer of Lollards" (Albion) who was misjudged by Catholics and Protestants alike. ". . . a straightforward analysis of Pecock's thought . . . . By his clear and useful survey Brockwell has thrown light on a still enigmatic figure." - V. H. H. Green in The English Historical Review

Can Muslims and Christians Resolve Their Religious and Social Conflicts? Cases From Africa and the United States
 Iwuchukwu, Marinus
2012 0-7734-3071-7 320 pages
This is a collection of essays that address inter-faith dialogue between Muslims and Christians in America and Africa. It addresses the issues dealing with how some Christians depict America as founded on Christian principles, and how this might deter dialogue across different religions. The goal is to get people to converse, not as formulaic Muslims or Christians, but as people with complex, plural, and ever-changing identities that defuse religious antagonism.

Capital Punishment in Religious and Philosophical Thought
 Whisker, James B.
2019 1-4955-0788-2 360 pages
Dr. James Whisker and Dr. Kevin Spiker discuss the issue of capital through a religious and philosophical context. It uses both holy text and religious thinkers over the ages. They also include historical precedents as well.

Case of Michael Servetus (1511-1553) the Turning Point in the Struggle for Freedom of Conscience
 Hillar, Marian
1997 0-7734-8572-4 444 pages
Studies in the western history of church and religion often ignore the role played by the church in the destruction of the humanistic principle of morality and freedom of conscience and intellectual inquiry. This book is intended to fill this gap and trace the development of modern thought in history back to its turning point. It traces first the establishment of the morally bankrupt ideology by the post-Nicaean Christianity and its implementation in societies. On this historical background then is shown the figure of Michael Servetus, his program, his struggle to express his ideas, their repression, and their impact on the intellectual spheres of the epoch. Servetus' sacrifice induced another humanist, Sebastian Castellio, to rethink the issue of heresy and its repression and was a crucial step in forcing people evaluate the morality of prevailing church ideology. Servetus' theological inquiry initiated the study of the Bible and an attempt to uncover the real religious doctrines contained in it. Both these aspects led to a chain reaction - development of the Antitrinitarian movement - the Socinianism - the Enlightenment - American Democracy - French Revolution.

Chicago School of Theology. Pioneers in Religious Inquiry Volume I: The Early Chicago School, 1906-1959 - G. B. Foster, E. S. Ames, S. Mathews, G. B. Smith, S. J. Case
 Peden, W. Creighton
1996 0-7734-8748-4 376 pages
In these two volumes, lengthy selections are presented by each contributor in the Chicago School. The material is presented so that an individual or class may explore the development of this School, as well as the changing issues facing philosophy and religious thought in this century.

Christian Soldier/Martyrs of the Roman Empire, The First Century to the Fourth Century A.D. (Including a Compendium of Over 200 Soldier/Martyrs with Brief Biographies for Each
 Donalson, Malcolm Drew
2016 0-4955-0524-3 180 pages
This work addresses the subject of Roman soldiers who, due to difficult circumstances, ended their lives as Christian martyrs. It looks at as a whole at Roman soldiers , whose martyrdoms insured that they were chief agents in the diffusion of the Christian faith throughout the Roman world, exemplifying Tertullian's famous reference to the blood of martyrs as the seed of Christians. Perhaps paradoxically, while these soldiers' martyrdoms provided moving testimony at the of dreadful events, it was their commemoration by the Church that was such a powerful factor in the continuing Christianization of late Roman life and culture.

Christmas Eve
 Tice, Terrence N.
1991 0-7734-9890-7 96 pages

Church Confronts the Nazis Barmen Then and Now
 Locke, Hubert G.
1984 0-88946-762-5 239 pages

A Socio-Psychological Study of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction
 Turton, Douglas W.
2010 0-7734-3648-0 308 pages
This study examines the practical implications of a questionnaire survey on the experiences of Church of England clergy.

Confessing Church, Conservative Elites, and the Nazi State
 Baranowski, Shelley
1986 0-88946-816-8 200 pages
Examines the close relationship between aristocratic Prussian landowners and the leadership of the Confessing Church and shows the limits of German conservative-elite opposition to Nazism. Contends that the opposition of the Confessing Church to the Nazi regime was highly ambiguous and argues that the so-called church struggle was but a special case of class struggle.

Contemporary Religious Movements in Taiwan
 Chou, Kai-Ti
2008 0-7734-5241-9 336 pages
This book is a study of the recruitment strategies and conversion rhetoric in contemporary religious movements, focusing primarily on two movements in Taiwan, Tzu Chi and Falun Gong. The author demonstrates that an examination of such rhetoric has the potential to provide genuine insights into how a given religion gains adherents. This book contains seven black and white photographs of figures.

Do the Ten Commandments Have a Universal Significance? God’s Law as the Basis of a Global Culture
 Porter, Daniel V.
2011 0-7734-1389-8 204 pages
This study focuses on the role of the Ten Commandments in Christian mission. The work tests an ancient instrument's potentiality to accurately differentiate world views in the twenty-first century.

Ecumenical Orthodoxy of Charles Augustus Briggs (1841-1913)
 Christensen, Richard L.
1995 0-7734-2273-0 244 pages
This study of controversial biblical scholar Charles Augustus Briggs substantially revises our understanding of Briggs as an important figure in the world of late 19th-century theology. The book demonstrates that he made unique contributions to ecumenism which anticipated much of the present-day ecumenical dialogue. Briggs provides an extraordinary example of the bridge between conservative and liberal Protestantism and between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and was an early precursor to the discussions on theological pluralism and church unity in vogue today.

Ethical Issues and the Religious and Historical Basis for the Objection of Jehovah’s Witnesses to Blood Transfusion Therapy
 Carbonneau, André
2003 0-7734-6542-1 162 pages
This book explores the sensitive area of medical decision-making in cases where a patient refuses recommended medical treatment for religious or moral reasons. The case in point is the refusal of blood transfusion therapy by Jehovah’s Witnesses. The theological and historical basis is examined in depth. The history of blood use in medicine is also analyzed, including the role of bloodletting as the ‘queen of remedies’ for centuries and eventually the emergence of the reverse practice, blood transfusion. Against this backdrop of theological, historical, and medical information, the study examines the ethical and legal issues raised by the stand of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The principle of ‘autonomy’ and its development into a legal concept, as well as its introduction into medical ethics leading to the development of the doctrine of ‘informed consent’ into both a legal rule as well as an ethical duty imposed on health care professionals are considered.

Ethics of World Religions
 Plotkin, Albert
1993 0-7734-1940-3 192 pages
This book meets two specific needs: for an introduction to the ethical teachings of world religions and their basic concepts and desires; and for presentation of ethical teaching as it relates to theology and the basic religious system. This book will clarify many of the ethical teachings of world religions both theistic and non-theistic and how they are understood in the field of religious studies today.

Experiencing Reincarnation: Our Past, Our Future, And Our Spirit Lives
 Richardson, Herbert W.
2016 1-63313-003-7 172 pages
This book is a collection of letters, individual cases, informal meditations, and academic essays written over the past twenty-five years on the author's reflections on reincarnation and the conditions necessary for experiencing it. It argues that reincarnation requires an expansion of human consciousness to something greater than what is regarded as normal today.

Exploring Neglected Dimensions of Religion in Quality of Life Research
 Poloma, Margaret M.
1991 0-7734-9672-6 226 pages
Based on analysis of 560 telephone interviews with randomly selected adults from the Akron, OH area, the results of this survey clearly demonstrate the importance of religion in accounting for the differences in quality of life, and the need to include multiple religiosity measures in assessing the impact of religion on well-being.

Faithful Ethics According to John Calvin. The Teachability of the Heart
 Sauer, James
1997 0-7734-8521-X 320 pages
This volume argues that neither theoretical nor confessional approaches to the relationship of faith and ethics can adequately address the issues involved. It draws on conceptual tools from the work of Bernard Lonergan to show that attention needs to shift from content to method. Using the work of John Calvin, it shows that faith shaped ethics. The volume contains an annotated translation and extended commentary of Calvin's Letter to Sachinus on Lending at Interest. This text is generally recognized by economic historians as an important one for understanding the development of early modern capitalism.

God at West Point: A History of the Place of Religion Within the Educational Program of the United States Military Academy
 Coumbe, Arthur
2018 1-4955-0664-2 908 pages
In this study, Dr. Coumbe and Mr. Talyor trace the history of religion at West Point from 1813, when the first academy chaplain was appointed, until 2015. It explores the development and evolution of the Academy's chaplaincy, analyzes its struggle with conflicting constitutional principles, and details the way it handled the increasingly diverse makeup of its cadet corps. The authors address several topical issues, most notably, perhaps, the supposed Evangelical over representation in and the growing secularization of the military. Scattered throughout this narrative is a consideration of the civil-military relations aspects of religion in the Army's oldest and most storied commissioning source.

The Glassboro Papers on Religion and Human Sexuality
 Grace, James H.
1978 0-88946-900-8 203 pages
Essays deal with a wide variety of materials addressing issues such as "Process Thought and a Theology of Sexuality".

Hare Krishna Character Type a Study of the Sensate Personality
 Poling, Tommy H.
1986 0-88946-859-1 202 pages

Healing in Religion and Society, From Hippocrates to the Puritans
 Coyle, J. Kevin
1999 0-7734-8145-1 212 pages

Horkheimer's Critical Sociology of Religion the Relative and the Transcendent
 Siebert, Rudolf J.
1979 0-88946-024-8 109 pages

How Africans Shaped Biblical History: The Descendants of Ham:
 Hardy, William Harold
2019 1-4955-0749-1 116 pages
This is first comprehensive scriptural study of African stories found in the Bible. It had its genesis in classes at Vanderbilt University School of Divinity with the late Dr. Walter J. Harrelson, a Hebrew Bible Scholar. This work focuses on a historical background for an African-centered perspective in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

How Can the Religions of the World Be Unified? Interdisciplinary Essays in Honor of David S. C. Kim
 Wilson, Andrew
1987 0-88946-713-7 162 pages

Influence of Daoism on Asian-Canadian Writers
 Chen, John Zhong Ming
2009 0-7734-4810-1 296 pages
The first English monograph to focus on the impact of Daoism/Taoism on Asian North American writers. The book focuses on four areas: aesthetics, poetics, politics, and moral-cosmological visions.

Influence of the French Revolution on the Lives and Thought of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Immanuel Kant, and Pius VI. The End of Conservatism
 Langan, Jeffrey
2012 0-7734-2645-0 180 pages
Langan discusses the French Revolution from a variety of perspectives given by influential thinkers of the late 18th century. His thesis is that conservatism was forever changed by the French Revolution, and that conservatism’s modern origins are in direct response to the revolution and its ideals as they were critically examined by Edmund Burke. As Langan argues, conservatives tend to adopt intellectual categories which if taken to their natural conclusions lead to liberal results.

A Test of Social Control Theory
 Cretacci, Michael A.
2010 0-7734-3759-2 164 pages
This study presents a revision of Hirschi’s social control theory that includes religion as an additional measurement arena of the social bond and tests its impact on various forms of criminality (property crime, drug use, violence, and general crime). This project also addresses the criticism that methodological problems and limited applications of the theory plague the literature by employing a longitudinal test of the theory using a nationally representative sample.

Islam and Islamophobia: Externalization of Guilt (Softcover)
 Bukay, David
2020 1-4955-0848-X 100 pages
This research is about deception and propaganda. It deals with some issues where Muslims use Da'wah, a diplomacy of deceit and propaganda for western audiences. It is propaganda used to transform the west's thinking about Islam, its culture and beliefs. Dr. Bukay examines these issues to shed light on the Islam itself.

Jonestown Letters. Correspondence of the Moore Family, 1970-1985
 Moore, Rebecca
1986 0-88946-667-X 398 pages
Contains letters from the editor's sisters and parents during the period leading up to the Jonestown suicides. From these letters emerges a picture of the Peoples Temple and the people who joined it.

L’activisme Anti-Sectes De L’assistance À L’amalgame
 Garay, Alain
1999 0-7734-8291-1 212 pages
This work is presented as a non-partisan contribution to the subject of opposition to sects in contemporary France. The author is a law professional with extensive experience in the French fiscal Administration. The debate surrounding sects has been in the center of the public arena, subject to deep social and religious discussion. The book examines the National Union of Associations for the Defence of the Family and the Individual, and the Center Against Manipulation of the Mind, anti-sect movements who lobby heavily and are largely subsidized by the government. They have compiled a list of 173 movements that qualify as sects, and criminal prosecutors in general and fiscal agencies in particular have plagued many of these associations. In this era of political and religious correctness, few voices are heard in France denouncing the aberration of the anti-sect discourse. One of the problems is that there is no legal definition of the word "sect" in France. For example, the Jehovah's Witnesses are the largest "sect" in France, though they have been recognized as a religion in Italy. The author believes that the creation of some independent panel for critical thought and deliberation is urgently needed. In French throughout.

Exegetical Studies
 Hunt, Joel
2010 0-7734-3652-9 268 pages
First published over a century ago, the Šuilla ("Raised-Hand") prayers have received little close study. This book focuses on the hymnic introductions of these multipurpose prayers as theological texts in their own right.

Money and Power in the New Religions
 Richardson, James T.
1990 0-88946-852-4 436 pages
A collection of essays focusing on the interaction of material and ideological or theological elements in some of the new religions or cults that have achieved prominence in recent years. Particularly noteworthy are case studies showing how several of these groups have been greatly influenced by material concerns. Among the new religions or cults examined are Mormonism, the Unification Church (Moonies), Hare Krishna, the Love Family, the English Rajneesh commune, est, Transcendental Meditation, 3HO, Divine Light Mission, and Centerpoint (a New Zealand group).

Muhammad-The Hadith Jurisprudence: The Development of Islamic Law after the Qur'an
 Mahmoud, Mahgoub El-Tigani
2018 1-4955-0690-8 548 pages
This book explores the interrelationship of Muslim religion and institutions of law, family, government, education, military, and economics across many Muslim countries. This treatise recognizes the complexity of Islamic and Christian influence in the culture of African countries and their interrelationship. It propels the reader to increase their understanding of religion and ideology by first becoming familiar with an ancient culture and the development of Muslim culture.

Understanding the Issues
 Richardson, Herbert W.
1988 0-88946-910-5 177 pages
Presents a series of essays and legislative documents dealing with a variety of cults, and the discrimination against them.

New Religious Movements a Perspective for Understanding Society
 Barker, Eileen
1982 0-88946-864-8 398 pages
Nineteen papers that treat new religious movements as "strategic sites for understanding societal patterns" (Religious Studies Review). The focus is on five topics: comparative perspectives, historical patterns, societal responses to cultural imports, what new religious movements signify about a society, and social perceptions of new religious movements. Contains a valuable glossary.

Norwegian Religious Pluralism: A Trans-Atlantic Comparison
 Hale, Frederick
1992 0-7734-9217-8 244 pages
This is a historical study of religious transition in Norway and among Norwegian immigrants in the United States and southern Africa. It traces the domestic and Anglo-American factors which by 1900 had changed Norway from a society almost uniformly Lutheran by law and deeply-rooted tradition into one in which many people had only tenuous ties to their established church while tens of thousands of their countrymen became members of nonconformist denominations. These copiously documented findings challenge assumptions which have been axiomatic among historians of Norwegian immigration throughout the twentieth century. They also undermine unproven generalizations about immigrant religiosity made by such prominent historians as Oscar Handlin and Timothy Smith and reproduced uncritically by many of their colleagues.

Odyssey of New Religious Movements Persecution, Struggle, Legitimation. A Case Study of the Unification Church
 Biermans, John
1988 0-88946-710-2 388 pages
Presents the thesis that all new, conversion-oriented religious movements which call their members to a radical change of life normally receive persecution. Includes ample reference to such contemporary researchers in the sociology of religion as A. Shupe, E. Barker, and J. Richardson, in order to identify and contextualize the main lines of attack upon the new religion that is the subject of this case study, the Unification movement (UM).

Patterns and Processes of Religious Change in Modern Industrial Societies. Europe and the United States
 Crockett, Alasdair
2004 0-7734-6431-X 307 pages
This book addresses the central debates about religious change in advanced industrial societies. The contributors, among them some of the best known sociologists of religion in Britain, the United States and continental Europe, present a wide range of opinions on the central question of whether the overriding characteristic of religious change in modern industrial societies is decline, persistence or transformation. It includes proponents of the two main paradigms in the sociology of religion: the traditional paradigm of secularization theory, and the ‘new’ paradigm of ‘rational choice’ and ‘supply-side’ theory. Many of the chapters contain highly sophisticated, yet simply presented, analyses of the best available empirical data from current and historical social surveys in western and eastern Europe (including Russia) and the United States.

Permanence and Evolution of Behavior in Golden Age Spain
 Saint-Saens, Alain
1992 0-7734-9527-4 188 pages
The book is divided into three parts: Religious Control and its Limits in the Iberian World; Images of the Body in Spanish Society; and Women, Gender, and Family in Hapsburg Spain. These nine thought-provoking essays are revised versions of papers originally presented at the 1990 Annual Meeting of the Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies in New Orleans.

Philosophical and Religious Conceptions of the Person and their Implications for Ethical, Political and Social Thought
 McLachlan, James
2002 0-7734-7025-5 396 pages
This volume is a compilation of papers presented at the third biannual meeting of the International Forum on Persons held at Oriel College, Oxford in August of 1995. Propelling the origination of the organization was both the insight that persons are subject not only to political, economic, and technological dehumanization but also to deep misunderstanding and the conviction that focusing the bright light of dialectical critique on the topic could help overcome the ignorance among scholars.

Philosophical Criteria to Identity False Religion: Should Halal Animal Slaughter, Child Marriage, Circumcision, and the Burqa be Legally Prohibited?
 Cliteur, Paul
2018 1-4955-0710-6 164 pages
This book is about the question of what to do with immoral religious practices in a legal context. There are some (so-called) religious practices that many or at least some people consider immoral such as withholding inoculation to children, male and female circumcision, and unstunned ritual slaughter of animals. Dr. Cliteur looks into ways to redefine freedom of religion with its abolition to make use practices illegal. Published in softcover only.

Philosophy and Miracle. The Contemporary Debate
 Basinger, Randall
1986 0-88946-327-1 125 pages
Presents an assessment of recent discussions of the concept of miracle that have taken place within the analytic tradition.

Pilgrim Experiences the World's Religions: Discovering the Human Faces of the Hidden God
 Milavec, Aaron
1983 0-88946-010-8 87 pages
Covers the spiritual pilgrimage to the holy sites of six major world religions undertaken by the Youth Seminar on World Religions, an event during which 150 young people and professors from 31 nations traveled around the world together to view the historical settings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Portraits in Victorian Religious Thought
 Woelfel, James
1997 0-7734-8423-X 132 pages
This volume approaches the extraordinarily rich dialogue between faith and doubt in the Victorian era through a series of intellectual 'portraits' that express and personalize the creative ferment and diversity of the period. Essays include; the Christian Humanism of Anne Brontë; Henry Longueville Mansel - A British Kierkegaard?; Stoicism and Christianity - Four Modern Perspectives; Leslie Stephen, Evangelical Agnostic; J. R. Illingworth - Portrait of a Theological Era; Religion as Imaginative Moral Valuation - Matthew Arnold and George Santayana; William James on Victorian Agnosticism - A Strange Blindness.

Potential Role of Art in Kierkegaard’s Description of the Individual
 Koterbay, Scott
2004 0-7734-6368-2 335 pages
Kierkegaard scholarship has generally focused on either existential or religious issues, interpreting Kierkegaard’s understanding of the individual’s relationship to itself and to the Christian God. As a result of his description of the stages of development of the individual in the process of that relationship, such scholarship has consistently ignored the inherent potential to articulate an aesthetic system which would describe art as a means of facilitating the development in a positive direction.

This book offers the first thorough description of a Kierkegaardian aesthetic which does not demote art to a merely sensuous and negative influence; it is an explication of the specific feature of Kierkegaard’s description of the individual (such as communication, repetition, and the self) within the context of a positive notion of art, as well as an analysis of art itself, the artist, and the fundamental value of art as a profitable means of influencing the individuals. While this book is unique for placing art into a central role within Kierkegaard scholarship, it also remains critical of such a role, maintaining the importance of recognizing the limitations which art has. The final result is that art emerges as a means of communication which urges the individual on towards a better relationship with the actual, as represented by the Christian god, but which also finds its fullest value in its inadequacy in the confrontation with the ideal.

Problem of Christianity in Multi-Religious Societies Today. The Bible in a World of Many Faiths
 Fornberg, Todd
1995 0-7734-8877-4 308 pages
This book examines the situation of the church during the last three decades, and throws light upon the relationship between the new ideas in the field of theology of religions and biblical theology.

Reading and Responding to Mircea Eliade's History of Religious Ideas the Lure of the Late Eliade
 Mason, John R
1993 0-7734-9283-6 136 pages
Mircea Eliade was the 20th century's foremost historian of religions. This is the first book devoted to the last years of Eliade's life when he was writing A History of Religious Ideas, a work he considered his magnum opus. It draws on his personal journals to describe the context in which the History was written. The reader is invited both to explore his understanding of religion and to experience his effort to construct "a truly universal history of religions." It also responds to Eliade's History by raising critical questions regarding its scientific status, his relationship to Goethe, and allegations of involvement in fascism in the 1930s. It suggest how Eliade's project can be enhanced through the recent work of Robert Cummings Neville. The study includes substantial bibliographical notes that will further the study of both Eliade and Neville.

Reassessment of Absolute Skepticism and Religious Faith. Standing Before the Mystery
 Williams, Jay G.
1995 0-7734-8842-1 124 pages
The book begins by asking what religious knowledge is and whether it is possible. After offering a general discussion of waht "religious" might mean and locating Western confidence in knowing in the influence of Aristotle, the book soon moves to the question, is any knowledge (i.e. sure and certain verity as opposed to debatable opinion) possible? An examination of claims to knowledge by the physical and social sciences, history, ethics, and theology leads to the conclusion that humans can never claim certainty for any of their opinions. Knowledge always exists within a context and that context always bears the marks of human construction and fallibility. We can never be objective about the universe because we are, in fact, part of it. Therefore our view of the world is always partial and misleading. The word science is a misnomer.

Reconciliation of Classes and Races: How Religion Contributes to Politics and Law
 Tan, Sharon M.
2009 0-7734-4762-8 276 pages
This book proposes reconciliation as an ethic for fractured relationships in multiracial and multiethnic societies. The work traces the origin of reconciliation in various religions and philosophies and proposes how it can provide a common framework to govern society. Includes detailed case studies on making reconciliation between ethnic groups possible in the United States and Malaysia.

Religion and Its Relevance in Post-Modernism. Essays in Honor of Jack C. Verheyden
 Park, John Sungmin
2001 0-7734-7284-3 382 pages

Religion and Political Society
 Moltmann, Jürgen
1970 0-88946-953-9 218 pages
Five seminal essays by Jürgen Moltmann, M. Darrol Bryant, Herbert W. Richardson, Willi Oelmüller, and Johann Baptist Metz.

Religion in Contemporary Europe
 Fulton, John
1994 0-7734-9028-0 196 pages
In this book, some of Europe's foremost academic authorities on the social analysis of religion come together to examine its contemporary role in Europe. David Martin opens by tracing the shifting shape of European religion, focusing on the dynamics of the emerging situation in Central and Eastern Europe. Richard Roberts reviews the interaction of theology and politics in shaping European cultural identity, and Patrick Michel and Petya Nitzova present empirical analyses of the situation in Eastern Europe, in studies of the role of Roman Catholicism and Islam. Grace Davie, Régine Azria and Ahmed Andrews look at Western Europe, examining Britain and France, Jews and Europe and Muslim Women. Jean-Paul Williame outlines the attitudes of Protestantism to the European Community, and Liliane Voyé, and Danièle Hervieu-Léger consider the contribution of Catholicism in the development of subsidiarity and the task of reconstructing a Catholic identity. Jon Davies confronts the impact of war and Michael Watson details the political effects of the Green Movement on European Christianity. James Beckford concludes, drawing out the book's key themes.

Religion, State, and Society in Modern Britain
 Badham, Paul
1989 0-88946-832-X 400 pages
Twenty essays comprising a unique work, the first survey of the state of religion in today's Britain which seeks to be fully comprehensive, focusing on Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well as on England. Takes into account not only the mainstream Christian traditions but also the dynamic black-led churches, the folk-religionists, the minor sects, and the controversial New Religious Movements. Also recognizes the multi-faith dimension of modern Britain and includes chapters on the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist communities. Takes an overall perspective on issues of Church and State, the "troubles" of Northern Ireland, attitudes toward women, permissive society, and secularization.

Religious and Secular Views on Endtime
 Weigert, Andrew J.
2004 0-7734-6323-2 261 pages
Book builds on a sociological approach to cognition, emotions, and constructions of time to show the motivational force of endtime thinking and identity. Six narratives are summarized to illustrate the transformative power of religious narratives by contrast with a scientific and a philosophical narrative. Religious narratives begin with acts of faith in texts and worldview.

Religious Discourse in Post-colonial Studies
 Alfaisal, Haifa Saud
2006 0-7734-5686-4 332 pages
No other study explores the topic of religious discourse from within the context of postcolonial studies. This book uniquely analyzes two novels from very different contexts, Guatemala and Sudan, to illustrate that there is a profoundly problematic area within the ‘ethical purchase’ of postcolonial studies. It relates this problem to the ‘magical realism’ label that is applied to various postcolonial fiction. The book demonstrates this problem within postcolonial studies by critiquing the works of some of the foremost postcolonial critics. The study ends by bringing theory down to reality when it asserts that because of the differences between societies and cultures as they stand today, and with postcolonial studies lacking the necessary theoretical apparatus to deal with these differences, cultural contact is bound to elicit violence in one sense or another.

Rev. William Carwardine and the Pullman Strike of 1894. The Christian Gospel and Social Justice
 Cobb, Stephen G.
1992 0-7734-9508-8 248 pages
Of particular concern in this study is the transition in values in the late 1800s as manifested in the relations between labor and management. Discusses the context within which the Pullman Strike of 1894 took place, the predominant values to which it was reacting, the activities of Carwardine, and the rationale for his defense of labor when it was extremely unpopular to do so. This book is based upon primary source material, much of which has never before been presented. The book is a valuable contribution to labor, church and U.S. social history, and also sheds light on contemporary American dynamics.

Shakespeare's Church and It's Churchmen
 Rogal, Samuel J.
2019 1-4955-0784-X 264 pages
This volume considers the English church during Shakespeare's lifetime. It covers the major figures of the period and the effect on Shakespeare's work. Includes Five black and white photos.

Sikh Names: The History and the Process of Naming Persons in the Sikh Tradition
 Singh, Serjinder
2017 1-4955-0580-4 704 pages
This monograph traces the evolution of the naming process within the Sikh religion over the past five-hundred years in the context of social and political changes in the Sikh community. Initially, Sikh names weren't any different from those of their original religious communities.
The study includes a comprehensive lists of names compiled from historical and literary records and also from different genealogical records of ruling families and other historical sources.

Six Perspectives on New Religions a Case Study Approach
 Shupe, Anson D. Jr.
1981 0-88946-983-0 235 pages

Society, Religion and Culture in Seventeenth-Century Nottinghamshire
 Bennett, Martyn
2005 0-7734-6045-4 260 pages
Early Modern Nottinghamshire was a vibrant county, and within its borders men and women were at the heart of the nation’s culture, religion and politics. Nottinghamshire people created credit networks to support each other’s economic activity and protested at non-parliamentary taxation in the 1630s. While some of the county’s ministers discussed the nature of the Church of England at the beginning of the seventeenth century, a few decades later county men and women took advantage of the fall of the Church in the mid-seventeenth century, building upon the traditions of their fellow countrymen and women who had left the county for the United Provinces and America earlier in the century. Nottinghamshire’s aristocracy and gentry were at the centre of the nation’s cultural world, as authors and playwrights themselves and as spectators and consumers of the written and performed works of some of the greatest names in English literature. The county had its darker side, too, with the courts dealing with cases of theft, slander and infanticide. There were others, too, men and women who practised healing and divinations, leaving themselves open to accusations of witchcraft. The essays in this book deal with the wide range of Nottinghamshire people who contributed to the history and culture of this very central Midlands county.

Spiritual Intelligence, Behavioral Sciences, and the Humanities
 MacHovec, Frank
2002 0-7734-7213-4 308 pages
Dr. Howard Gardner proposed that intelligence is multi-faced and suggests there are several distinct types. This book explores the features, scope and function in personality development of Spiritual Intelligence (SIQ). It begins with an overview of spiritual intelligence and its place in intelligence and personality theory. Later chapters place it in the historical context of the world’s religions and philosophies, from ancient times to the present. There is a Spiritual Awareness Inventory to measure reader spiritual awareness, practical exercises, and a list of recommended readings, augmented by an index and bibliography.

Study of Religious Fanaticism and Responses to it as adversary identity
 French, Hal W.
1990 0-88946-238-0 184 pages
Explores the phenomenon of religious fanaticism as it arises from attitudes generated by "adversary identity," a term that describes the existence of religious groups which see themselves as possessors of dogmatic "truth packages," received through revelatory channels, which deny the validity of the channels and traditions of other religions.

Sociological, Legal, and Historical Perspectives
 Bromley, David
1983 0-88946-868-0 368 pages
Twenty-one essays that comprise a multidisciplinary examination of the issues and controversies raised by the activities of religious cults.

The Encounter of Religions and Quasi-Religions
 Thomas, Terrence
1990 0-88946-756-0 216 pages
Essays addressing the problem of the encounter of religions and secular worldviews.

The Experience of the Israelite Exiles in Psalm 137 Compared with the Displaced Persons in Nigeria Today. A Presentist Interpretation of the Bible
 Umoren, Gerald Emem
2017 1-4955-0557-7 56 pages
Displacement from home as a refugee easily creates hopelessness for the victims. The recent history of Nigeria reflects this paradigm. Utilizing exegetical methods in the study of the lamentations of the Old Testament exiles contained in Psalm 137 within this the author examines the feelings of hope and despair. From a Presentist perspective a comparative evaluation of victims' attitudes and hopes for restoration are considered.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Portrayal and Classification
 Souza, Margaret
2009 0-7734-4688-5 452 pages
An interdisciplinary work that examines the representation of death in traditional and “new” media, explore the meaning of assassination and suicide in a post 9/11 context, and grapple with the use of legal and medical tools that affect the quest for a “good death.” The contributors treat their interrelated topics from the perspective of their expertise in medicine, law, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, religion, philosophy, literature, media, and visual culture.

The Experience of Holiness in Everyday Life
 Dippel, Stewart A.
2009 0-7734-3884-X 276 pages
This work examines the English church and the Russian church during the seventeenth century, with special attention given to the period after the Civil War in England and the raskol’ in Russia [i.e., 1660-1700]. It argues that the logocentric religious identity overcame the iconographic perspective during the years 1660 to 1700, and that this development weakened the church during the modern period. This book contains two color photographs and fourteen black and white photographs.

The Social Power of Ideas
 Hudson, Yeager
1995 0-7734-9043-4 400 pages
Ours is a time when we need to be reminded that forcefully-expressed ideas have in fact wrought huge changes in the world -- sometimes of great good, sometimes of overwhelming evil. The theme of these essays is that the hope of the next century of human history hangs on our ability to recapture our faith in the social power of ideas.

The Trial of White Nationalist Dylann Roof: Killer of Nine Black Christians in Their Charleston Church (paper $19.95 net)
 Gillespie, J. David
2017 1-63313-020-7 224 pages

To order this book by telephone call: 1- (716) 754-2788

This work is a description and analysis of the trial of Dylann Roof, the murderer at the center of the Mother Emmanuel AME church massacre which claimed the lives of 9 church members. Dr. Gillespie gives an eyewitness account of the trial process, jury selection, and testimony that led to Roof's conviction.

The Urban Asceticism of St. Francis of Assisi: Living a Life of Spiritual Self-Denial Within the Walls of a Medieval City
 Llizo, Robert
2019 0-7734-4495-9 208 pages
The central thesis of this monograph is that Francis of Assisi and his hagiographers Thomas of Celano and Bonaventure, construct an image of sanctity that draws from urban ascetic traditions and practices that go back to the earliest centuries of desert monasticism.

 Fortier, Mardelle L.
1992 0-7734-9611-4 128 pages
A major contribution to scholarship is the exploration of St. Thomas More's philosophy concerning the conflict of Reason and Power in Book I of Utopia, since most scholarly work has concentrated on Book II, the vision of the utopian society itself. The philosophical conflict between Reason and Power discussed by Thomas More is also the central problem in various utopian literary works setting forth Scientific, Humanistic, Collectivist, New Age, and Natural Utopias.

Themes in the Current Reformation in Religious Thinking. The Covenantal Friendship of God
 Lynes, John W.
1997 0-7734-8674-7 220 pages
This volume provides in clear and non-technical language a systematic framework within which to understand and assess some of the important components in the current reformations in religious thinking. Based on the work of Abraham Heschel and Martin Buber (Jewish theologians), Terence Fretheim (Hebrew Scripture scholar), Sally McFague, Wendy Farley, and other feminist theologians, Jurgen Moltmann (liberation theologian), Karl Barth, Emil Brunner, Reinhold Neibuhr (neo-orthodox theologians), and others, it also then develops a covenantal theology to reshape our thinking about the nature of sin and redemption.

Theocracy in Massachusetts. Reformation and Separation in Early Puritan New England
 Zakai, Avihu
1994 0-7734-9970-9 412 pages
This volume explores the eschatological and millennial dimension in the Puritan mind, to show that out of a unique apocalyptic interpretation of history Puritans were not only able to justify their migration to America with sacred, providential history, but also able to define the meaning of their holy experiment in the course of salvation history. As the Puritan emigrants themselves perceived it, their errand into the wilderness was not simply a utopian search for religious reformation but an earthly stand against the power of Satan and Antichrist.

Theoretical Explorations and Empirical Investigations of Communication and Prayer
 Baesler, E. James
2003 0-7734-6649-5 208 pages
Nearly every definition of prayer refers to some type of communication phenomenon, yet most scholars, especially those in the field of communication, have not pursued the study of prayer as communication. This work brings the relational characteristics of communication into contact with the spiritual life of prayer. It employs quantitative and qualitative methodologies to legitimize the study of prayer as a communication phenomenon, create a theoretical model of prayer, provide three empirical tests of the model, and apply the model to several different contexts, including health, eastern religions, and teaching. The future of communication and prayer research is also considered in terms of theory building, improvements in methodology, and practical applications. This study will be of interest to scholars in the fields of communication, religious studies, psychology, and medicine.

Time for Consideration. A Scholarly Appraisal of the Unification Church
 Bryant, M. Darrol
1978 0-88946-954-7 330 pages
Series of articles which place the Unification Church in the context of church history, sociology, and theology.

Towards a Theory of Relativity of Truth in Morality and Religion
 Goossens, Charles
1991 0-7734-9760-9 152 pages
Argues for a model in which moral truth is presented as truth in the perspective of certain social commitments, while religious truth is interpreted as truth in the perspective of religious experience. Theorizes that relativity need not conflict with universality. Truth from the perspective of the outsider is, therefore, truth without qualification.

Twentieth-Century World Religious Movements in Neo-Weberian Perspective
 Swatos, William H. Jr.
1992 0-7734-9550-9 356 pages
These essays seek to apply the conceptual apparatus pioneered by Max Weber in his studies of the major world religions to developments in religious traditions around the globe over the past century. Topics covered include the continuing legacy of Confucianism and Taoism in Chinese culture; neo-Confucianism in Singapore schools; political religion in Communist China; Zen Buddhism in the United States and Japan; Buddhist reinterpretation in Sri Lanka; the role of the Ayatollah Khomeini in the Iranian revolution; Russian sectarianism; the Protestant ethic introduced by the Basel Mission in Ghana; charismatic Christianity in South Africa and North America; Protestant and Catholic movements in Latin America; Church of England parishes in New Towns; Protestant-Catholic agendas in Northern Ireland; the ordination of women in the Anglican Communion; and a California flying-saucer cult. Shows in rich detail that a neo-Weberian approach is relevant to present-day developments and therefore potentially futuritive.

Understanding the Role of Religious Freedom in Society: A Sociological Analysis
 Breskaya, Olga
2020 1-4955-0815-3 400 pages
Dr. Olga Breskaya does a deep sociological study into the nature of religious freedom in society in a general sense, and in a deeper sociological sense. The monograph looks into the many facets of religious freedom and what purpose it serves in society.

Idealistic Experiments of Pythagoras, the Essenes, Pachomius and Proclus
 Schmidt, Brent James
2010 0-7734-3736-3 240 pages
This is the first comparative study of lived Utopian communities in antiquity. The examined communities provide examples of somewhat successful utopian experiments that belie the twentieth century notion that the application of utopian ideals must always lead to dystopia or not work at all.

Venetian Upper Clergy in the 16th and Early 17th Centuries. A Study in Religious Culture
 Logan, Oliver
1996 0-7734-8927-4 624 pages
This monograph, an approach to the sheer variety of Renaissance Catholic thought, is a study of discourse, confronting the fact there was no such thing as a clerical culture or clerical language in Renaissance in Italy, but rather a gamut of cultures and languages. It presents a cross-section of religious writings, cutting across genres and spiritual or intellectual currents. The study describes an early modern elite, and a phase in Catholic culture; it has a strong emphasis on notions of pastorality and of the culture of persons engaged in the pastoral ministry, and is also an investigation of the rhetorical and argumentative resources of postclassical culture.

W. H. Auden's Moral Imagination
 Bruce, Cicero
1998 0-7734-2237-4 112 pages
Places Auden among several twentieth-century Christian writers who, as Flannery O'Connor said they must, pushed as hard against the secular spirit of the age as it pushed against them. It challenges the common assumption that Auden, after all else failed, reluctantly converted to Christianity. Instead, it argues that Auden became a Christian after discovering that he already was one. "Bruce's study issues from exceptional grasp of and commitment to critical values that nourish civilization in its humane capacities and meaning. . . . One who reads Bruce's text will perceive a probing critical intelligence and integrity in work and word." - George A. Panichas

What is the New Age? Defining Third Millennium Consciousness
 Frost, William P.
1992 0-7734-9192-9 404 pages
This study offers a wealth of information about the claims and beliefs of the New Age as well as an immense background in the physical, biological, neurophysiological, cultural anthropological, psychological, and quantum theoretical facts which are part of the learned discussions of this form of holistic spirituality. A substantial selection of foundational aspects, e.g. the relation between science and religion, the scientific approach to the holistic spirituality.

A Philosophical Proposal
 Byrne, Edmund
2010 0-7734-3811-4 156 pages

Yezidism - Its Background, Observances and Textual Tradition
 Kreyenbroek, Philip G.
1995 0-7734-9004-3 368 pages
The Yezidi faith has fascinated and tantalized Western scholars since the mid-nineteenth centuries, but actual knowledge of the Yezidi tradition has remained limited. Recently a substantial corpus of Yezidi sacred Hymns has come to light, which had always been transmitted orally, and did not exist in written form until the late 1970s. These texts offered a more detailed insight into the beliefs, observances, and background of the faith. The first half of this volume re-examines the findings of earlier works on Yezidism in the light of the author's field-work with the Yezidi community of Northern Iraq, and of novel insights into the history of the religions of Iranian peoples. The second part consists of text and translations of nineteen Yezidi Hymns, with a commentary on points of philological and theological interest.