Understanding the Role of Religious Freedom in Society: A Sociological Analysis

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Dr. Olga Breskaya does a deep sociological study into the nature of religious freedom in society in a general sense, and in a deeper sociological sense. The monograph looks into the many facets of religious freedom and what purpose it serves in society.


“In recent years, the relevance of religious freedom is spreading well beyond academia, becoming a reference point for international relations, multi-level policy development as well as interfaith negotiations. Meanwhile, the scholarship on religious freedom has flourished at the boundaries of sociology, law, comparative politics, international relations, and systematic and empirical theology.”
From the Introduction

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Religion and Human Rights: In Search for a Sociological Perspective

III. Toward a Sociological Definition of Religious Freedom

IV. Sociological of Religious Freedom in Empirical Perspective

V. Social Perception of Religious Freedom: Conceptualization of Religious Freedom for Sociological Study

VI. Social Perception of Religious Freedom: Testing the New Instrument in Italy

VII. Conclusion



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