A Seminary Education: The Formation of a Christian Soul

The author describes his four years studying for the ministry at the Boston University School of Theology. He analyzes the curriculum, the practical training, the relations between faculty and students, and explains how it transformed him and prepared him to function effectively as a Christian minister.


"The goal of a seminary education is to initiate an unspiritual person into a period of spiritual adolescence from which that person finally emerges as a formed (but just-born) spiritual young adult. This book is a case study of how one student was transformed through his Methodist seminary edition."
Professor Ken Westhues,
University of Waterloo

Table of Contents

1. A Spiritual Education

2. The Study of the Bible

3. The Ecumenical Church

4. Vocation

5. Seminary Friendships

6. Four Other Special Friendships

7. The Discipline of Spiritual Reading

8. My Experience of God

9. Explaining My God Experience

10. The Idea of the Trinity

11. The Social Gospel

12. Morality Versus Spirituality

13. An Intellectual Vision

14. My Other God Experience

15. The Minister's Wife

16. The Story of My Sexual Education

17. The Virgin Queen of Chartres

18. Marriage to Dorothy

19. The "Householder"

20. Two Irrational Events

21. Ancestors

22. Missionary Service

23. Alcohol, Addiction, & Sin

24. The Work of the Church

25. Thinking Mythologically

26. Ordination