Psychology of Mystical Christianity: A Christian Explanation of Reincarnation, Mystical Marriage, the Vision of God, Angels, Voices, Dreams, Communicating with the Dead, the Indwelling Christ, Martyrdom, Demonic Possession, and Other Unusual Experience

Author: Richardson, Herbert W.
This book is written for clergy who are approached by people asking questions about unusual spiritual experiences. Rather than being dismissive to those claiming they have lived previous lives or heard voices or who see the providence of God, this study attempts to enlighten clergy as to the possible ways to frame explanations regarding these spiritual experiences in a way that can avoid damaging the inquiring person’s faith.

Table of Contents

Author’s Preface
Varieties of Spiritual Experience
A Letter to Herbie
Reincarnation Therapy
Reflections on Reincarnation
Multiple Lives
Soul Dead / Soul Alive
Arthur Gibson
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
Primal Consciousness
Ego Consciousness & Reincarnation
On Prayer
How Should a Christian Die
The Retreat a poem by Henry Vaughan