The Education of a Boy During America's Mid-Century: A Case History (1932-1953)

The author describes his early life and education in the Midwestern United states between the years of 1932-1953. He tells the tale of his early childhood, lessons learned from his parents, his brother. The pedagogy of the education and what was learned is especially important.


"People cannot see the whole life of their lives while they are living it moment by moment. Therefore, the interpretation of the events and patterns of one's life in terms of an overall tendency, or the meaning, is an activity of the higher mind. It requires that we look at a series of temporal events as if they were simultaneous.

One might reasonably ask whether we find the meaning of our lives or whether we project this meaning on our lives.
From the Author's Preface

Table of Contents

Family History

My Parents' Marriage

A New England Childhood

Moving to the American Midwest

My Mother

My Brother David

My Dog "Midgie"

McKinley Primacy School

Biking, Camping, and Sailing

Cub Scouts

The Greatness of My Father

Ohio Military Institute

Six Types of Boys

What I Learned in Military School

Being Bullied/Being Accepted

How I Felt Different

Creating an Alternative Identity

Developing the Inner Mind

The Crisis of Age Fifteen

Sex, Car Crash, and Conversion (Age 17)

My Decision to Become Independent

My Liberal Arts Education

College Friends who Shaped My Life

Three Traumatic Events

My Year in Paris (Age 19)

Gothic Cathedrals and Modern Art

Deciding My Life Vocation

My Million Dollar Graduate Fellowship

My Crisis of Psychological Alienation

Finding a Solution to My Political Identity

Studying for the Ministry

A Philosophy of Friendship

Spiritual Reading and Soul Formation

My Experience of God (Age 21)

Formulating My Theology

Autobiography as Religious Confession

My Most Grievous Sin