A Spirituality of Infancy, Childhood, and Puberty: What Can we do to Help our Children Love God

In this book, the author collects twelve letters he wrote to his children about the nature of God, spirituality and religion in general. The goal is to develop a program to enhance the spirituality of children. It prayers, scripture readings, and music.


"I think that true religion (spirituality!) pertains to the heart, to the soul. It is about what is far beyond what what we can conceive with our minds and express through words.
Therefore, I am a man who bows his head, admits his failures, prays his beads, and begs God our Father, and Mother of God, and their son Jesus Christ to forgive, to sustain, and guide me."
From the Author's Preface

Table of Contents

Author's Preface

Twelve Letters to My Son and My Daughter

The Richardson Family Advent Liturgy

Lullabies and Children's Songs