Political Philosophy of Peruvian Theologian Gustavo GutiÉrrez

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Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Peruvian Roman Catholic priest and theologian, is one of the most recognized proponents of the religio-political movement known as Liberation Theology. Born of frustrations over the failure of many nations in Latin America to achieve a socially equitable level of economic, political and social development, Liberation Theology represents a radical religious response, analysis, and critique of existing conditions. This study examines the radical foundations of Gutiérrez’s works, in particular, his reliance on the work of critical theorists such as Hegel and Marx. It also uses Eric Voegelin’s thought to construct an analytical matrix with which to examine Gutiérrez’s works.


“. . . Duncan transcends the superficiality and, often, self-serving themes prevalent in the contemporary debate about the role of religion in politics to reach a level of intellectual sophistication not seen before in published commentary on liberation theology. . . . . to subject the theologian’s work to the more complex analytical framework offered by the political philosophy of Eric Voegelin. . . . Both philosophers see the discovery of reality as a dynamic quest in an ever-changing universe; both see politics and religion as intrinsically inseparable in the life of reason. For students of Latin America and for those with interest in political philosophy, this book can and should revive interest in the insights that Gutiérrez’ work provides for contemporary society.” – Carol Waters

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Preface; Gutiérrez and Voegelin; A Brief History of Liberation Theology; Gustavo Gutiérrez; Man and God; World and Society; Liberation and Praxis; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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