Toward an American Theology

This book grows out of the conviction that the coming epoch of history will be dominated by American social techniques that are creating a new unit of reality: the man-and -machine. Protestantism alone will not be able to form this new epoch. Instead, a new ecumenical theology is needed that will develop concepts and methods appropriate to its problems. The essays discuss a wide range of historical, philosophical, and doctrinal problems and proposes constructive solutions. In each case the author accepts the criticism of the new radical theology, but goes beyond it and draws upon the Christian tradition in order to arrive at a new alternative.


"Professor Richardson's essays challenge the key assumptions of the new radical theology, and do so on the argument not that the radicals are too far out, but that they continue to be occupied with yesterday's issues rather than today's. Some, including up to a point the writer, may be slow to agree with this challenge, but they will certainly not be able to ignore it." - Robert Richard, S. J.