Experiencing Reincarnation: Our Past, Our Future, And Our Spirit Lives

This book is a collection of letters, individual cases, informal meditations, and academic essays written over the past twenty-five years on the author's reflections on reincarnation and the conditions necessary for experiencing it. It argues that reincarnation requires an expansion of human consciousness to something greater than what is regarded as normal today.


"People who experience, and believe in, reincarnation know that they not only live many lifetimes, but that there are many universes, many eternities. So believing in reincarnation infinitely expands the range of one's mind.

People can be divided into 'one-lifers' and 'multiple-lifers.' The chief difference between them is their mental perspectives.

If reincarnation is true, then our life in this particular temporal history is minuscule compared to the millions of lives that we shall experience. Those additional lives (and universes) are a million times more then what we can conceive and experience in this life, now."

Table of Contents

How to Read this Book

I. Why I Believe in Reincarnation

II. The Case of Herbie

III. Reflections on Reincarnation

IV. Beware of People who are Soul Dead

V. Multiple Lives

VI. A Case of Reincarnation Therapy

VII. How Reincarnation Therapy Works

VIII. The Case of Zelda

IX. Stages of Developing Consciousness

X. A Note of Demonic Indwelling

XI. The Case of General George Patton

XII. The Case of Henry Vaughn

XIII. Eleven Past Life Regressions

XIV. The Reincarnation of Jesus

XV. Afterthoughts

XVI. Brahma a Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson