Essays in Calvinist Social Theory. What Do Religion, Politics and Science Contribute to the Good Society

This book, not an original work of the author but a graduate school project, collects essays that apply Calvinist political theology to a wide range of social issues. Calvinism’s impact upon society is so great that it has frequently been accused of being the cause of all the problems of modernity: the destruction of organic community, the domination of technology, the universalization of rationality, and a cost-benefit economic approach to all problems in life.


This collection of essays are all expressions of Calvinist social theory. They were written and published in the past two decades. Some of them deal with particular social issues: civil religion, non-violent action, surrogate motherhood, the functions of science and politics, and abortion. Others deal with philosophical questions: the character of human freedom, pluralism, various ideas of transcendence, and a theory of values. Taken together these essays exemplify the Calvinist theological perspective.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Sociotechnic Age
Chapter 2: What Makes A Society Political?
Chapter 3: Civil Religion in a Theological Perspective
Chapter 4: Martin Luther King: Unsung Theologian
Chapter 5: What Do Religion, Politics and Science Each Contribute to the Creation of a Good Society?
Chapter 6: What is the Value of Life?
Chapter 7: God is the Creator of Human Life: A Calvinist Defense of Surrogate Motherhood
Chapter 8: Freedom and the Will: A Christian Theory
Chapter 9: A Philosophy of Unity
Chapter 10: Three Myths of Transcendence