Thirty Letters to Calvin, Preacher to the Genevans & Sixty Signs of the Kingdom of the Antichrist and His Revelation Which is Now at Hand: From the Restoration of Christianity, 1553 by Michael Servetus

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This work provides not only a translation of the Latin writings of Michael Servetus
but also an excellent introduction and penetrating notes that contextualize the original writings. This volume also offers a detailed account of the two trials to which Michael Servetus was submitted, first in Vienne by the French Inquisition and then fatally in Geneva by Calvin's instigation. * First English Translation


“Professor Hillar follows his celebrated
translation of Michael Servetus' Christianismi Restitutio with this equally
important first English translation . . . . Hillar's work should be part of every
intelligent Christian's library.”
- Prof. Sir Anthony F. Buzzard, Atlanta Bible College

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