A Review of the Literature on Obesity, Health Measurements, and the Food Industry: A Theological Commentary on Three Approaches to these Problems

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In this book, Dr. Browning joins the fat acceptance movement in condemning discrimination against people because of their body size. It draws from theological ethics to reject the charges of "gluttony" and "sloth" directed at people solely because of their weight and shape. It applies these vices to the food industry and its less-than-energetic concerns about the health of its customers.


"This volume contributes to the theological fat studies conversation. It communicates that the fight against fat discrimination should not be disconnected from the effort to end global hunger. Ending unjust treatment of of heavier people is essential, but release from bodily oppression also requires the food system to be altered on behalf of people of all body sizes, especially the global poor. "
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Foreword by Herbert Richardson

Introduction: The Fight for Fat and Food Justice

Chapter 1: Rejecting the Gluttony/Sloth Criticism

Chapter 2: The Food Industry's "Gluttony" and "Sloth"

Chapter 3: Making Food Justice Fat Friendly

Conclusion: "Fattening" the World



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