The Social Power of Ideas

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Ours is a time when we need to be reminded that forcefully-expressed ideas have in fact wrought huge changes in the world -- sometimes of great good, sometimes of overwhelming evil. The theme of these essays is that the hope of the next century of human history hangs on our ability to recapture our faith in the social power of ideas.


". . . I found this collection to sustain an unusually high level of scholarship and conceptual analysis, creative application and (most importantly) fascinating reading across a remarkable range of styles and topics. Philosophers are not alone among academics in their reputation for tortured prose and pointless, long-winded jargonizing, but with few exceptions this crowd is a happy departure from that hoary tradition. I find myself feeling real regret at having come to the end of the manuscript." -- Matt Silliman

Table of Contents

Essays include: Making Waves: On the Social Power of Ideas (Frederick Ferré); Population Growth and Hope for Humanity (Robin Atfield); From Individual to Collective Pacifism (Shyli Karen-Frank); Seriality Versus Education: A Sartrean Perspective (Rivca Gordon and Haim Gordon); Country/People/Nation/State (Stephen Toulmin); International Justice, Reciprocity, and Compromise (Richard T. De George); "Never Again": The Protection of International Human Rights (Sander Lee); Rethinking Democracy in the Light of the East European Experience (William L. McBride); Philosophy, Anthropology, and Universal Human Rights (David A. Duquette); Is There a Human Right Which Should Never Be Violated? (William Gerber); Universal Altruism and the Sacrifice of the Innocent (Matti Häyry and Martti Kuokkanen); Communitarianism: Conservative of Liberal? (Marjaana Kopperi); Needs, Capabilities, and Distributive Justice (Sirkku Hellsten); Justice, Equality, and National Health Care (Donald S. Klinefelter); Gender Justice and Genetics (Mary B. Mahowald); Discourse Ethics and Paternalism (Andrew Edgar); Ethics and Social Structure (Joseph Grcic); Are Natural Talents Common Assets? (Olli Loukola); Temptation, Provocation, Law, Religion, and Liberty (J.P. Day); Mill on Character, Virtue, and Utility (Louis G. Lombardi); Locke and the Indians (Naomi Zack); Law and Liberty in J. S. Mill and Bernard Bosanquet (William Sweet).

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